Sunday, October 10, 2010


Ok, I freely admit this is a lazy post. Its a c/p from my GS blog..sorry.

Started playing this yesterday...its...

you ever play a game and you cant decide if its good or not? I spent hours playing last night and honestly...I cant really say why I kept playing, but then again, I have no argument for turning it off either.

so far its got just enough going on to keep me playing but not enough to give me any kind of strong feeling towards it. Ummm, Scarlett is very pretty and I've got snazzy armour. Honestly I'd say more but, three isnt all that much to tell and the bit I could tell would totally spoil the game, because apparently every single cutscene is a massive spoiler...

Lets see... spoiler free sentence about the game....Fighting gives me vertigo with all that rolling around out of the way I have to do to get more than 2 hits in.

Planning on playing a bit more today and eventually I'll probably review it on my blog...If I can ever put together a complete plot beyond the sentence that's on the game's page here...

I'll say this'd probably like it or at least play it if you like Fable 2, mechanics are a lot like it and so is the look of the world...btw, I'm wondering if they got a nickel every time they put the word "Venice" in the god it gets annoying.

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