Friday, June 24, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I wont go into all the particulars of my current situation, just popping in to see if this place was completely covered over in cobwebs and dust or not.
ON the off chance it isnt....While I have been gaming a little here and there I've been having a lot of personal difficulties and illnesses that have kept me from spending time doing a lot of things that used to be important to me.
I'm planning on tweaking the look of this place a bit soon and updating it. Its gonna be a LOT of updating...i swear i must have a billion drafts started that i never got around to finishing and posting. And a lot of other stuff in my head.
Currently though i am wrestling with an over heating laptop and an overheating external drive...I'm also recovering from a serious mini breakdown due to stress...So, that's why i've been away so long. But hopefully, things will get better soon.


Jim said...

I had wondered if you were feeling alright. I hope things will be looking up for you now and it is important to have some gaming as a way to relieve stress. That is why I spend some time almost every day with either a video game or in an MMO.

getting lost in a game lets me forget about my worries and aches.

Sihaya said...

Things have been rough lately. For a while i stopped eating or sleeping. I'm slowly trying to get back on my feet now.
I've been playing a little bit of Trouble Witches Neo once in a while and L4D. And of course my old standby Borderlands.