Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fallout New Vegas after 112 hours

  Long ago when FO:NV was announced I pre-ordered the game from Amazon. I started my adventures in the Mojave Wasteland on release day and I HATED them. I found a lot of the game cumbersome and pointless and a step down from Fallout 3. At the time Fable 3 was more my cup of tea than FO:NV.
  Times change and so do opinions....

  While I still find Fable 3 to be a great game, after completing the main story line and glitching myself into a locked room after installing the DLC for the game, I'm a little less enamored out of it. However, this post is not about Fable 3 but Fallout New Vegas. I see no sense in going back into the many faults I pointed out long ago again. Rather Id like to share my thoughts on the game now, after spending some time in the Mojave and getting more involved in the main story line for the game.

  After finally making my way to New Vegas, collecting my many companions (Boone is still my favorite and I only send him away when absolutely necessary) and leveling up to a point where Radscorpions don't send me running like a little girl, I started enjoying the game a lot more. I still hold that the story in Fallout 3 was easier to connect to, probably because of its more personal nature in regards to your character. I find the side quests, the side personalities, sights and sounds to be better than the main story that keeps pushing inexorably towards that final climactic battle for Hoover Dam.
  I have found that I can't tolerate most of the companions aside from Boone. Veronica makes me want to hit something every time she opens her obnoxious mouth and I don't find Raoul, Lily or Arcade particularly useful. In a pinch I'm ok with taking Cass along with me (can't go see Caesar with Boone....ugliness will ensue). Ed-E and Rex, well its not like they have personalities, they basically serve more as luggage carriers than anything else.
  I've found myself going around just randomly hunting down critters and cooking Bighorn steaks over a campfire than actually progressing the story along. I just cant bring myself to actually give a crap about ANY of the factions vying for control...well except for my utter hatred of the misogynistic Legion. Seriously. I cant wait to grab Boone and go on a Legion killing spree at their stupid fort. The other night I reloaded my game 3 times just so I could shoot the guy waiting to take me to the fort in the head a few a times.

  Of the 3 DLCs that have been released (one of them today) I have played and completed one of them (Honest Hearts) and I have watched my daughter play through parts of another (Dead Money). I honestly dont think I will ever play through Dead Money, watching my daughter play proved to be less exciting than watching paint dry. Honest Hearts however, part of m wants to reload and play it again.
  I read a few reviews of Honest Hearts and the general opinion seems to be that the Burned Man doesnt live up to the hype. That the main character's of HH are dull and boring. I disagree, listening to Joshua Graham talk I pretty much hung on every word. I found him incredibly interesting and wish he had had even more dialogue, more opportunity to hear his point of view, thoughts and experiences. The other main character Daniel, I can see how he would be considered dull, I found him preachy and annoying.
  The one thing that REALLY got me about Honest Hearts was something fairly small in the grand scheme of things. I remember that shortly after arriving in Utah the sky darkened a bit and suddenly I exclaimed loudly (my family in the other room came running in to see if I had finally totally cracked mentally) "Oh WOW its Raining!!! This is so cool!"
  Yes, Rain, I was most surprised, impressed and happy with the fact it was raining in my Fallout game. it wasnt even that well done as far as rain in a game goes, but it filled me with silly glee. After trekking through the bland, boring and DRY Mojave for hours, the fact that rain was falling on my character's head was a welcome surprise.
   Rain, Joshua Graham and Craig Boone...the 3 best things about FO:NV.

  You might notice I'm not mentioning the latest DLC  "Old World Blues", thats because i just downloaded it this morning and haven't given it a spin just yet. My daughter started it earlier this afternoon and i was only half paying attention to what was going on. Out of the little bit my brain processed all I could get out of it was "They're trying too hard too be funny" "The multiple personality robot is annoying the hell out of me" and "was there some sort of drinking game going on while this DLC was being developed? Because I have never heard the words "penis" or "lobotomy" (or variants on the word lobotomy) used that many times in such a short amount of time.

Unrelated to Fallout....Get Ms. Splosion Man...its amazing. Cute, Funny and hard as hell. Actually better than Splosion Man. i think the 800 points it cost me was a wiser choice than the 800 I spent on Dead Money....or Old World Blues.

Dead Money:

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