Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello cobweb filled Blog, I come in peace to write a short review

So, my current excuse for not writing a damn thing (I am Queen of the Procrastinators!) is that I've been playing really I have. I swear. Seriously. Gaming....lots of it.
I've even managed to finish a game..GO ME!
Not only did I finish, I'm on my second playthrough.
What game you ask?
Dungeon Siege 3.
How was it you ask?
It was...frustratingly annoying when i started it, then it was great.
No, it wasnt the games fault, though it does have plenty of faults.
See, I first played a less than legit copy of it on PC, I was Katarina, the very hot, corset wearing, Angelina Jolie looking half-Lescanzi witch that fights with...Dual Shotguns and a Rifle...that later rapid fires like a machinegun, because what else would a witch use? r-i-i-i--g-g-h-t-t.
I was having a fine time shooting people and grabbing loot. So much fun I figured, "you know what would be great? Playing this co-op with my husband" So, I bought the 360 version  and told him about it and we fired that puppy up.
Yeah, that was such a BAD idea.

First off, if you know even a little about me you know i have a smart mouth and zero patience. Compound that with having one of the WORST (won't bog you down with the details, if you know me well, you know my drama) summers in my entire life (and I've been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Methuselah was in my Algebra class) and what you've got is one mean, loud, out of patience, non-stop, cursing bitch with a desire to inflict bodily harm. In this mindset I began playing Dungeon Siege 3 with my husband.

While he games on occasion, he isnt exactly a gamer, seriously, the xmb confuses him. I on the other hand have spent more time than I should glued to my TV.  Recipe for disaster right there.
We start the game and I again choose Katarina, my hoochie Jolie witch with the guns. I recommend to him the Archon Anjali, I mean, she fights with a spear in human form and then turns into a grey floating bad ass with fire for hair shooting fireballs at people. Insta-win.
But, my husband, he's the traditional sort when it comes to games. Dork in a big suit of armour and a big sword and shield seemed a good idea to him. So, Lucas Montbarron was his choice...BTW halfway through the game I wanted to punch Lucas in his smug, posh, rich boy British mouth, but I digress.

With characters chosen and the villain's name (Jeyne Kassinder) being repeated so many damn times in the intro it would have made a drinking game to make any alcoholic proud. We set out to right wrongs...and die...a lot....every 5 minutes...every damn fight...constantly and annoyingly. I proceeded to unleash a barrage of cursing to make any sailor proud and my husband declared the game sucked. We toughed it out for a while and then quit, never to touch the game again.

But, you know, after a few days, you calm down, the full moon passes, murderous rage subsides and we decide to try again. By now he had read that Lucas Montbarron is not only an annoying twit, but also a crap character to play as. I suggest yet again that he try Anjali the hot Archon (pun soooo intended). But, no, Lucas it was, again.

Better informed we set out to level up and get coin for better gear before confronting hordes of undead. This time, we actually started having fun. We also started noticing the details of the game...and how much they suck.

You see, couch co-op, is half ass co-op.

Player 2 isnt so much your teammate as they are your sidekick, not as bad as playing Resistance with someone but, still, not a partnership of equals. First off, you dont exactly start together, after the intro and all that yapping the second player joins your game. Its a drop in, drop out, type deal where they can leave and come back at any time.
Player 2 cannot select the mission you will do, but, thats nothing, I mean that's standard in many games, Borderlands for example. After all can you imagine the drama of both of you constantly changing the map marker to what you felt like doing. you'd get nowhere (at least that's what would happen in my house)
But wait, there's more. Player 2 can't save the game, that was a big one for us. Its kind of annoying to be right there at a save point and not be able to do anything while the other person walks into a tree or a rock or something.
I will say the dialogue approach for a co-op game was interesting. Player one always does all the talking and makes dialogue choices, but player 2 can "vote"  for a reply. Player 1 can then either go with player 2's suggestion or ignore them completely. If you like achievements its a win either way. You get an achievement for agreeing a certain amount of times and also for disagreeing a certain amount of times.

Once we got past our sucky character issues and our player 2 is a second class citizen issue, we had a pretty good time. The story isnt earth shattering, but its interesting enough to make you carry on til the end. The plot twist was...well...never really explained all that well, and also, not much of a twist. As we progresses it became one of those things where it seems every single boss we fought turned out to just be misunderstood afterwards. I felt like they should have added another dialogue option to the effect of "sorry I kicked your ass dude, maybe next time we should maybe dialogue before busting out the guns and swords"

Wow, looking back, maybe this game isnt that great, so why am I playing it again? Because couch co-op is hard to find these days. Also, because this time I chose the obnoxious mage and he is SO broken, its awesome.
Oh and this time, he finally listened to me and chose Anjali.

So basically, Dungeon Siege 3 is ok, i've played better and worse, worth the $40 I paid. Some little annoyances here and there and unbalanced characters but, its a good time waster.

Since I'm starving and I've already written so much, I'll leave the rest for later. I'll just throw out there that I'm in the middle of Mass Effect 2, started Sacred 2, Torchlight and a few XBLA games and am waiting for UPS to deliver Deus Ex Augmented Edition today. I've played a few other games here and there but those are the ones I'm dedicating most of my time to.


Jim said...

that was a wonderful description - maybe not of the game but how you guys played it and made it sound like to much fun.

I've got the PC demo of Torchlight and it seems like it could be fun and a pretty good game if not exactly a great one

Sihaya said...

Yeah, that was more commentary than review, but you know, i can do that, cause no one pays me to review lol.
Torchlight is like 7 ways from Sunday awesome. I've put about 40 hours into it so far. Again as a pistol whipping, corset wearing chick...trend? If tou like dungeon crawling for lots of pointless loot, this is the game. Best part? When your inventory is full you can send your pet to sell your stuff while you keep dungeon delving. I totally recommend it.

Jim said...

I did eventually get the full Torchlight game and it is fun