Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm not falling back into old habits

I know its been a few days and I'm not falling back to the whole "write one post every 3 months" thing. I've just been busy and ill, and gaming. Can't write about games if I don't play them, right?
This weekend I spent it playing XBLA games mostly. I picked up Bulletstorm for $20 at Best Buy and spent a few hours playing that and laughing my ass off. I played it on PC when it came out and while I thought and still think its lots of fun, it isnt $60 worth of fun. So I couldn't pass it up at $20 so I could play it in the comfort of my own bed, cause i'm lazy.
I played a little Batman AA this weekend too, didnt get very far because my son wanted to play The Baconing. By the way here is his very short review of The whole deathspank series: "Deathspank is fun and funny, The second one sucks, The Baconing is good". The end. I don't know if he's right or not, I don't play Deathspank.

Speaking of games I don't play. I played the demo to Rock of Ages...Is it just me or is it some weird modern spin on those annoying labyrinth games with the metal marble and the tilting wooden surface? I really did not like this....thing. I hesitate to call it a game. It was fairly pointless, incredibly tedious and I couldn't find the fun anywhere. Oh Atlus, I think you've broken my heart :( .

I'd like to write more because I haven't written in days and because this whole post is one big rushed dull mess but, I'm nursing a killer migraine and am seeing double, plus the click-clack of the keys feel like I'm being beaten with ball peen hammers in the forehead.

14days til Gears 3..WOOT!!!!

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