Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obsessions and indecisions plague my existence

I'm a mess...totally. But you probably knew that already.
No, I'm not talking about my disastrous personal life, which is Soap Opera or at least Lifetime movie worthy.
And i'm not talking about my crap health, I have more issues than my grandma and she's in her damn 80's.
But no, this is strictly all about the games.

You guys probably have the same problems as me...too many games, not enough time or cash. Most of you do the sensible thing. Pick a game and play it from beginning to end before picking up another, or, even more cost effectively use Gamefly.
I on the other hand am not so bright and according to my family am a hording magpie..ooh shiny!
So I buy tons of games, TONS of games, too many games, so many games I'm my own personal Gamestop. Not only do I buy too many games, now I've begun buying too many overpriced Collector's Editions.

I've spoken many times about my insane shopping habits and for the record, I'm just as broke if not more broke than most of you, I just spend money I don't have on games I don't need. At least I admit it. As I was saying, I have talked about my massive collection and my obsessive spending but my current issue isn't exactly about that, well it is but its...more of an extension or progression to my Game collecting habits.

Some time ago, Demon's Souls came out. At the time I had neither a PS3 nor any desire to play it. I mean, it looked pretty enough but I heard it was ball bustingly hard and (we've spoken of this before) I prefer my games light on the controller breaking rage and heavy on the fun and engaging story and gameplay.

Time passed I succumbed to the big black machine...but I will NEVER submit! (as is evident by comparing my PS3 to xbox360 game ratio and trophy/achievements) For Christmas my husband bought me Demon's Souls, White Knight Chronicles, I play so often I'm drawing a total blank  *eyeroll* anyway, doesn't matter what the other games were, Demon's Souls is the one I'm singling out like the naughty kid who threw a spit ball at the teacher while she was writing on the blackboard.

Few weeks ago Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls announced its Collector's Edition which included the game of course and a Sexy Art Book and the standard CE fare, making of DVD, snazzier box all for the regular price, so what did I do? I pre-ordered it of course!

After I ordered it I decided I should maybe give Demon's Souls at least a little token gameplay to justify buying the sequel. The results of that endeavor can be found here.

In case you didn't feel like clicking on that basically I F-in HATED that game with a passion. Hate...lots of it. Yet, I didn't cancel Dark Souls...because...well, its the sequel and I NEED to have the sequel and its a Collector's Edition, and its got an art book I justified HARD. Finally I realized that unlike every other game I've ever bought (except maybe Vampire Hunter D...a story for another day) I have no intention of EVER playing Dark Souls. Yes, the trailer had a kick ass song and the game looks beautiful:

But I will NEVER play this game. I will probably never play Demon's Souls again, ever. So why the hell was I hanging on to that damn pre-order? Yesterday I stopped and asked myself this question seriously and realized I had no good answer except "'cause I want it to have it, because..." and that just isn't a good enough reason to drop $60 I could use on  something else. So like a good girl, I cancelled my pre-order and then I saved the money for a rainy day....


I pre-ordered Rage instead. I figured that was a better investment. $60, release day delivery, extra goodies, and its co-op. Looks like Fallout, Bulletstorm and Borderlands had an orgy and this was the result. Well that sounds like a winner right there! But no...MY husband feels this game isnt worth it, that it will be in the bargain bin in a few weeks, so I cancelled my pre-order. Then I thought about it and figured... "wait a minute, I LIVE on the damn internet. My gamerscore is almost 3 times his. I live, breathe and DREAM in video game....what the hell does he know?" So, I Pre-ordered it again.

Then this morning I read that Wal-Mart has a great deal on Arkham City: $60, includes a copy of Arkham Asylum and a $10 gift card....oohhh shiny.... I'm not really a Batman fan...I mean, I watched the TV show as a kid and vaguely remember it. I liked the Michael Keaton movies and I LOVED Val Kilmer but...I've never been a fan of Batman and I HATE the new movies. Yeah, there, I said it. The first one put me to sleep and the second one..I cba to watch all of it. I dont see the hype about it or Heath Ledger's Joker or....any of the damn thing. Batman has a sweet car, that's all I've got. But during the Steam Summer Sale I picked up AA GOTY for like $7.50 and recently I decided to give it a try and found that it was just really really fun. I don't really care about who does what and the epic battle of wits between Batman and the Joker. I just like gliding down and sucker punching someone, or my favorite (me the queen of NON stealth) which is sneaking up behind someone and putting them in a sleeper hold....ah good times.

So, I cancelled my pre-order of Ragea nd Ordered Arkham City isntead....good choice I think..but I still want Rage...naughty me bought AC with my own personal CC...would it be naughty if I put Rage on our regular account? Originally Dark Souls was coming form our personal account so..not much would change...except my CC is after a week almost maxed out (well it will be when Uncharted 3 CE goes through)...I haven't decided yet. I'll probably get yelled at and grounded but i'll get both my games!

This is on top of the fact that in 5 days we're dropping $150 on Gears 3 and that the reason I had to put Uncharted 3 on my CC is because I got the Special Edition of Zelda Skyward Sword along with Skyrim in the same month. but I think my game schedule is blank for December...I think my next pre-order is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning which is like..Feb? I think?

So...To Rage or not To Rage? That is the question.
Is my husband right? will it be in the bargain bin soon?
Are the goodies worth a full price pre-order?
Should I seek therapy?

So many questions and no answers.
I guess the first step is admitting I have a problem . But now I have a new problem.
I fought with myself and cancelled a game I never intended to play because it was stupid to blow money on it but now...there are too many games I WANT to buy and play , though lord knows when I'll have the time .
Its a step in the right direction know..the whole. STOP BUYING SHIT YOU DON'T INTEND TO PLAY EVER!!!!!

for the record thats a short list.
I think I  have only bought 2 games that I have no desire to play ever and I actually did want to try them when i bought them. One of them is just unplayable and the other..well it sucks. Those 2 game would be Vampire Hunter D and Ico respectively.
Yeah, I said it. I think Ico SUCKS..A LOT! So there! *ppffftt*

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