Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, that is Snooki hair my avatar is sporting

No, I dont like Jersey Shore.
It just happened to be a cute hairstyle and i'm tired of the fugly limited hair choices. So there you go... I just wanted to throw that out there.


Jim said...

I don't worry so much about the protagonists looks so long as she or he is a good fighter. Although I have noticed a tendency for men to have great armour that levels up incrementally while the girls will often start out with a skimpy out fit and level up to a thong.

do they really think we are going to take a break in the middle of a boss fight to look up a toons girls skirt?

although i have to admit back in my Air Force days I caught guys trying to peek up the dress of a girl painted on a billboard so I guess thinking men have one track minds is often not far off.

I tried Jersey Shore once and can't believe some of the shit that gets on television these days.

Sihaya said...

I have never watched jersey shore and never will. But I was referring to my xbox live avatar not any in game character. Though I do admit I like to make my characters pretty. My dragon age 2 mage is beautiful. I figure if I'm gonna post over a hundred hour, I at least want a pretty character to roleplay as.

And there are whole games centered around upskirt views...ah Japan, so weird, yet so awesome

Jim said...

Red Ninja was an awesome fightiner with a tough little girlie protagonist and i really liked that she could swim and hide in the water breathing through a tube instead of drowning like most of them do.

But every other time you move around her skirt flounces up above her hips lolz

and the most useless move they give you is the seduce. just there for the sake of more sexing.

Like Lara and Julie Strain in Heavy Metal it was fun despite the attempts to cater to the boys.

a little better than Julie but not as good as the best Tomb Raiders.

She was more durable than AoD