Friday, November 18, 2011

Now I'm Ready!

So, as you know, I have found Skyrim a bit less than enjoyable. But in all fairness, it took me 60 hours to really get into Oblivion. Yeah, 60 hours. Funny it really didnt take me long to like Fallout 3, and even though I initially didn't like New Vegas much and still think its inferior compared to Fallout 3 it still didnt take me that long to appreciate it, DLC definitely helped with that though.

But, I bought Skyrim after being very hyped for it and I'm not giving up on it yet. I've managed to stay awake the last few times I've played, killed a few dragons too. While I am still incredibly bored by roaming the wilds of Skyrim, I do enjoy the dungeon and ruin crawls.

So back when I pre-ordered Skyrim I also pre-ordered the collector's edition of the game guide and finally it just arrived. I'm hoping that with game guide in hand I'll be able to enjoy the game more and if any game guide can do it, it would be this one. I think I could probably smack down a dragon with this thing. it is a BEAST.
I'm also looking forward to checking out that interactive map it comes with.
So, tonight i'll be hitting the book and some dragons and we'll see if I can turn my experience around and love Skyrim the way I love Oblivion.

Definitely has to be the thickest game guide I own next to the Pokemon Platinum one.


Jim said...

for me I became immediately immersed in Oblivion but had trouble taking to Fallout 3 but in all honesty have other friends with the same problem you had and at least one who never did take to Elder Scrolls games.

ha ha ha the word for verification this time is 'poder' which made me laugh and spit coffee on the floor.

Jim said...

i suspect i may in store for a moderation or at least a warning.

in a thread about rock bands quality someone said bass was a spot for non musically inclined players.

I quoted him and said "I disagree = a great band has to have good musicians at each spot. Up to and including accordion."

just can't resist some times

SihayatheFremen said...

If gamespot moderates you for that they are idiots.

It seems the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series are both kinda love or hate, middle ground is not generally recognized.

While they are great games, they just aren't for everyone, the sheer size and scope of the games and the range of things to do in them can make them a bit daunting.
All the skills, the weapons, the gear, the crafting elements and the long treks across the world map, they are time consuming, sometimes difficult, sometimes confusing and often frustrating.

To me, what makes or breaks these games is story.

To me, Oblivion had an engaging story, not as deep as I would have liked, given the fact you go from a prisoner(for an undisclosed crime) to the Emperor's confidante and errand boy sent to save Tamriel. But, At the same time, being that nobody thrust into being the catalyst for great event gave you purpose.
I think that in Morrowind that motivation is even more engaging, hello, reincarnated god! Not to mention all the factions, the houses, the plotting. It was deep and it was immersive and you felt like you were getting something done.

In Fallout 3, the story was very personal, even though you are a silent protagonist, your name alone is evocative, "The Lone Wanderer". And your mission, well you're original mission, is a very very personal one. Finding your father and basically asking him "WTF dad?" (It helps that daddy is Liam Neeson, I love him)
The world was also populated with memorable characters. Moriarty (I took great pleasure killing that Bastard), Moira and her oh so quirky missions for her survival guide, the doctor in Tranquility Road masquerading as a little girl, The pacifist super mutant, Three Dog and so many others.
Going back to Oblivion, you had the same thing going on. One of my favorite characters was Lucian Lachance. The Vampire Vincent Valtieri, The Count of Skingrad and his very touching and sad quest concerning his wife. If you played the Shivering Isles, well, Sheogorath is just too awesome for words. There was the paranoid elf who thought everyone was out to get him. and finally one of my favorite quests was the whodunit murder mystery in the mansion. (I grew up reading Agatha Christie novels)

I think that New Vegas and now Skyrim aren't resonating with me as well because they are missing these connections. Maybe further into Skyrim I'll find that. I mean, to be honest I spend most of my time running around just finding locations to fast travel to and explore later, so I haven't gotten very deep into any quest. I will say that the quest that kicks off the Dark Brotherhood, was touching (at least to me.)
I gues I felt that being Dovahkiin would make me feel like i'm this person with this epic destiny and I don't.
Dragon's are cool I get that, but I haven't found battling them particularly difficult or satisfying. I like the little things and I haven't found them yet.

And in New Vegas, while I've come to enjoy my treks around the Mojave, I still don't feel that connection to my character. My 2 stand out characters are Joshua Graham from the Honest Hearst DLC and Ulysses (shame that the DLC for Ulysses is a bit too linear and "go here, blow that up" He deserved something a little deeper and better.

SihayatheFremen said...

Wow maybe our anonymous troll is right. I am verbose.
Buy, you know what? Its who I am, and its how I write and being that I dont get paid for page clicks or for spending time writing these things. I thinks its silly for someone to come to a no-name personal blog and bitch about content and length.

I like dialogue, I enjoy a good debate. Personal attacks or smart ass comments, not so much.

I write because I like writing, I write about games because I love them, Because while I hope those who read my blog find it interesting, humorous and sometimes even informative, ultimately its a place for me to express myself and my thoughts however long they may be :p

Jim said...

I enjoy reading your thoughts.

and about Skyrim.

I did the intro and was less than overwhelmed but have company coming for a few days so I have to put gaming off for awhile anyway.

got to clean and get ready