Monday, November 21, 2011


Just a quick hello.
since getting the Game Guide to Skyrim, I've been overwhelmed with a billion things to do in the game. Can't say i've made much progress in the game. I finished the first act but aside from that its all utter BS. Just me, running around finding locations and getting my followers killed, I'm on my 3rd follower now lol. I kinda miss the New Vegas thing where they dont die, they just get knocked unconscious and come back. Sucks when they die and then I have to go drop off my loot to come back and take all the loot I had given them to hold for me.

I finally finished the Vampire Hunter D novel I was reading and as much as I love D and Kikuchi's work. I was left feeling like.. "wtf? did you just totally pull this out of your ass?" He's losing me fast.

I had ordered the sequel to that first god awful Elder Scrolls novel and I need to read it for the painfully cheesy lulz. Seriously the worst book I've ever read right next to Mists of Avalon.

Found out there's a Borderlands novel coming out, following the oh so boring and useless Soldier Roland. I will of course buy it and read it, apparently I like pain haha. Mordecai the Hunter would have made a much better choice for a book. But I'm biased.

I traded in my second copy of Assassin's Creed Revelations and Marvel V Capcom 3 for Ultimate Marvel V Capcom 3. Now if only I could find someone with a code for Mechanic Baird in Gears 3, I'd gladly trade my extra MP code and bonus content code for it. *sigh*

My Skyward Sword pre-order just idea when I'll have time to get to that game. the backlog is threatening to drown me.

So that's pretty much all I have going on at this point.


Jim said...

The Infernal Nonsense was one of the worst books ever and the author didn't stay within the Elder Scrolls guidelines very well.

I remember a lot of people saying the only advantage to Oblivion over Morrowind was the improved graphics and that might be the case here between Oblivion and Skyrim but with not as big a difference.

I know a lot of people like the worlds of Fallout better than the worlds of Elder Scrolls.

depends on whether you like history or if you like to look forward is how one gal put it.

but if the good old days were not to good it is understandable you don't like to look backwards

SihayatheFremen said...

Did you read my rundown of the Infernal City? That book was a steaming turd. I got the sequel because I'm a masochist, and because I actually enjoyed writing my snarky rundown more than I liked the first book so I figure I'll get a few lulz when I'm done with it.
With all the fascinating lore in the Elder Scrolls world there's no reason the book should have been such shite. It read like some 8th graders unimaginative and cliche fanfic.

I expect the Borderlands book to be just as horrible.

It's a shame when someone writes such a horrid book based on a solid game.
There are so many good game based novels but these are the ones that make people think they are all shit.

Dragon age, mass effect, Witcher, dead space, gears and to a lesser extent fable, all had good books.

I haven't gotten around to the deus ex novel or the creed ones, but they are on my "to read' list

Skyrim....still undecided about it.
Having the game guide did help with the boredom, however now I feel overwhelmed. So many quests, locations, things to do. Don't know where to start.
Not to mention that a lot of side and misc. Quests can screw up your other quests if you don't know what isgoing on. Feels like a job instead of a game

Jim said...

Oblivion fell just short of that but you can at least stop playing the thing and go off somewhere else in another gameworld for awhile if you get tired of it. something I did and still do quite often.

I played it all the way on PS3 and PC as a guy now i'm trying it as a girl to see the different responses and it is interesting - not as much difference in response as I thought there might be from many NPC.

your review of Infernal City was spot on. it really was like a middle school essay that was due Monday and written on Sunday night.