Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dragon Age 2 Review

By the time i finished it, I hated it.
the end

I kid of course, just, writer's block is kicking my ass, somehow playing Dragon Age 2 was such a traumatic experience it has hindered my ability to write.

In case you wanted to know, and even if you didn't, I'm gonna tell you anyway. Luke is doing fine, back to his usual goofy self, no issues at all, well except he's back to peeing when i pet him....But, I have that effect on all males, lol.

I did finish a game yesterday, Iron Brigade, formerly known as Trenched. Lots of fun, looking forward tot he DLC mostly because I want to dress like an astronaut and run around the deck of the ship with my arms out going "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".
I'd describe the game but the story i absolutely pointless and nonsensical. You customize a "trench" a giant walking form with guns and thrown down turrets to defend different locations. Its a slightly more mobile take on Tower defense. Play with a friend, its much better with someone else. Your enemy is a man named Vlad and his "broadcast". No idea wth the broadcast is, like i said the story makes no sense, but the gameplay is lots of fun.

So yeah, Dragon Age 2...I'll get to that...


Jim said...

poor puppy, why do I feel worse when pet gets hurt then when I read about people getting hurt?

Jim said...

I need to finish playing the Dragon Age games but never have gotten around to it. there are so many other things I to do. Tower defence games - some are good but so many of them are just not all that