Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life Happens- this is totally not game related

Yesterday I woke up to my family in a hysterical panic, our dog, Luke had been hit by a car one street over.
We rushed him to the vet and thankfully, he's ok aside from a bit of road rash on his jaw a broken tooth and cuts on his tongue. He did have to spend most of the day at the Vet for tests and observation though.
His Xrays also revealed that at some point in his previous home, he was shot. He has a bullet lodged in his back. :( poor puppy.
He came back home yesterday afternoon and is on a slew of meds, mostly to prevent his body from trying to reject the bullet as it tries to heal his new injuries. He is expected to make a full recovery, except for the broken tooth of course.

Meanwhile, Frog seems to have suddenly come down with a severe cold/flu last night. one minute he was fine, the next he was miserably sick. Odder still is that it seems to be happening to other people I know in different parts of the world. Synchronized Flu FTL :(

For the record, Froggy drank some of my soda last night, so, I'm 99.9% sure, I've got whatever the hell he has now. Good times!

So, yeah, delays, delays, delays.....

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s4ndm4n said...

Well thank God it seems your dog will be fine! I know myself and all of us would freak if our Scooter got hit... so I can relate. Amazing that he has that bullet though.

Hang in there ya'll! Being sick sucks@