Friday, January 20, 2012

It's been a helluva week!

Not being my personal blog I won't bore ya'll with the details, I'll just say that I want a refund for this week.
Anything and everything that could go wrong has.
Worst of all is the fact that I have a mild case of writer's block. I've got one measly paragraph written about Dragon Age 2 and its terrible.

On the flip side, last night I did something I haven't done in ages, I drew something. It's not very good but anything is progress when ypu have nothin' right?
If you wanna check it out you can bounce over to my even more painfully neglected art blog. Don't expect Ingres, though, I'm pretty mediocre. It was an agreement between my daughter and me. If I drew something she would too. While my drawing isn't amazing, its a start. I'm hoping it will get my creativity going and I can get past this block.

Meanwhile I've recently played the demo to The Darkness 2, plan on playing the Kingdoms of Amalur demo this weekend and if I'm feeling masochistic I might give the Amy demo a go.

Here's hoping my bad week ends today and I can get back on the ball by Monday.

And just a reminder, still open to ideas, suggestions on changing up and improving this blog.



Jim said...

I hope the next week is better for you.

rainy and windy over here so i either watch tv play video games or watch some of those DvDs that are collecting dust. probably got time for all three.

I remember from the past that your art isn't as bad as you thought

SihayatheFremen said...

I hope next week is better too, lol
It's been pretty ugly here with wind and rain as well. Power went out briefly this afternoon.

Thanks, i appreciate the sentiment but, Yeah, its really that bad :p
But I've had fun drawing past 2 days so, I might just keep at it for a while. Who knows, I might improve.