Monday, January 16, 2012

Just a bit of fluff

So I'm lying in bed with a horrible stomache watching my son play Dungeon Defenders and thinking about this blog. (dont worry I'm not gonna go into another one of my 'I quit!' rants)
What I was thinking about were a few other things and I'd like some suggestions from you guys (all 5 of you, lol)

First I love my template, but I feel I've outgrown it. Like it doesn't suit me or the tone of this blog, what do you think? Whether or not it stays I think the blog needs a few more changes.

lines dividing the posts so they don't all look like one giant wall of text.

Also "read more" cuts, again so the length of the posts don't frighten people away.

Another color for text, I think the current color is kinda hard to read. Also the comments section needs work its even harder to read.

I'm also wondering if I should bring back the list of tags, sometimes I want to find something quickly and then I look and realize I got rid of the tag list.

Those are some of the major issues, with the blog in general. However there are all sorts of other issues of varying importance.

My apparent fear of apostrophes. Seriously you ever notice I never write "don't", my lazy ass always writes dont. Just add that in with my list of typos.

My laziness and procrastination that leads to many promises of great stuff that I never actually get around to. (this is a big one)

The fact that while I've managed to keep the blog game related, sometimes the whole original point of this place is lost... I think I don't focus enough on writing about being a mom gamer or about the kids.

I do have an idea I've been kicking around for a while.
Remember the video I took of Sapito explaining the glitch he'd discovered in Borderlands? Well I was thinking of doing more videos with him talking about some of the games he plays and such. I think it would be cute and also bring more stuff about the kids to the blog.

My husband and I are planning on doing a joint review of F.3.A.R. so we can share our experiences as both Point Man (hubby) and Paxton Fettel (me of course).

But that's a one time thing and  I'm wondering if I should try to find someone else to come on board and write.

I think that pretty much covers all my issues and concerns. Let me know if you have any ideas, comments, suggestions. Just, be nice ok :)

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s4ndm4n said...

Sounds like you have some good ideas up your sleeve for the blog and as long as you can avoid your typical "procrastinating behavior" it will be great to see the changes ;) Tag sections I thought were stupid at one point but I have found them to be useful too. Keep up the good writing. I enjoy reading from people that are just another "mom", "dad", or other regular person and not some self-proclaimed game expert writing about the subject :D