Thursday, January 12, 2012

Working on it I swear!

I'm working on my dragon age 2 review, but in the meantime I've been gaming my butt off.
I've been trying new games, well not NEW games but, new to me as in, I've had them sitting around but never touched them.
So, til I get that  big Dragon Age 2 rant out to you, I'll give a quick rundown of the games I've played.

Dungeon Defenders both on STEAM and XBLA:
Played it on Steam with a friend and really liked it a lot. So this week since its on sale on XBL andits 4 player co-op i decided to let everyone in the house demo it and tell me what they thought. Everyone had a lot of fun with it and so I bought it and the DLC and we got our game on, it was Sapito, Waterfalls, me and the hubby... We suck balls at it together lol. We kept dying at the final wave of the first dungeon but we all had a really good time with it. Looking forward to another session of co-op. However it wasnt all great, 4 player split screen has one REALLY big disadvantage. While none of us had a problem running around or fighting, I actually found it easier to focus on my little box at the top than keeping track of my character in split screen co-op, the downside was that it was almost impossible to read the text whenever we picked up gear or had to level up, everyone had to take turns going up to the screen to read it. But, small price to pay for sharing a family game night.

Pac-Man Championship Edition, XBLA:
I have always sucked at pac-man. Even though, I had a good time playing the trippiest pac-man i've ever seen, even got  a few achievements. YAY!

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, XBLA:
I only played this briefly with Sapito, Its a fun little side scrolling brawler though I did find the controls a bit iffy. Its a cute game though and I'll probably go back to it.

West, XBIG:
I bought this ages ago when Kotaku recommended it. I played it fora very short amount of time because frankly I found it preachy and pedantic. I can safely say I will NEVER play this game again and feel robbed of the buck I paid for it. It was dull, boring, and as I said, preachy on the evils of the world. *sigh* If I want a sermon I'll go to church.

Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, XBIG:
Now these are fun little throw back RPGs. Both of them made me chuckle at the dialogue and the old school turn based fighting is well done and fun. difficulty however goes up and down randomly it seems and I found myself overpowering 4 higher level enemies easily and then getting destroyed by one single Ninja (this was in Cthulu, which I played much longer than Breath of death).

Resident Evil 5, XBOX360:
What I like: Wesker, Sheva. What I hate: everything else. I confess that I have no desire to go finish this, though I probably will sometime in the coming days.
Co-Op games are hard to find these days so My husband and I jump on any opportunity to play something together. He's a RE fan, I'm not. To him its a good game with better controls than previous RE games. To me its a study in crap mechanics.
I can KINDA getover the whole inability to run and gun...but I cant move while wielding a knife? Really? WTF is that about?
I find the fact that in every cutscene Sheva looks at Chris like he's an utter cretin hilarious though.
Now, i'm not some hardcore kick ass gamer so I admit, I kinda suck at this game, but hubby sucks more and put together we are one big bag of suck that dies CONSTANTLY. That kinda dampens my enjoyment of any game.

F.3.A.R., XBOX360:
weak story aside, I LOVED this game. I got to play as Paxton Fettel, and damn was that fun. Seriously, I love the possessing mechanic, and the ability to grab an enemy and lift him in the air then clenching my fist and making him explode. MY husband played Point Man and he enjoyed it a sight less, still we did reach the end with relative ease, aside from one  very evil Mech bastard.

Prey, XBOX360:
My husband bought me thison PC ages ago, but my old PC couldnt run it, so then he bought it for me on  xbox. I added it to the collection and never touched it again. No idea why I decided to finally try it but, try it I did. For abuut an hour. Right off the bat I hated Tommy, the main character. I tried to give it a chance but overall, I just cba to put any time into it.

Rage, XBOX360:
If you guys have read more of my blog, you've probably read about my back and forth debate on this game pre-release. I eventually decided on not pre-ordering  and waiting for a price drop. I'm so glad I did. I finally picked it up for $19.11 on Amazon and I think I paid Nineteen dollars too many.
MY GOD, this looks like Borderlands and Fallout had a child, an uninteresting, painfully obnoxious child. Yesterday I gave it a third try....Raptr says I played for an hour.. I swear it felt like 10. There is no discernible story besides, i woke up in the future and instantly everyone makes me their delivery bitch.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow, XBOX360:
This game I like. I dont consider it Castlevania at all but taken on its own, its a fun game. I mightily suck at it and Lycans keep making me their bitch but, I definitely plan on coming back to this. Sure its completely derivative, in the bit I played I did a little Prince of Persia, a bit of God of War, Some Shadow of the Colossus and Some Devil May Cry. But, while derivative, its still fun and makes you want to keep going.

Cave Story +, STEAM:
I confess to playing this a very very short amount of time. In the bit I did see, it looks cute and fun if a bit hard (platforming....i have no sense of timing or distance gauging) The music did annoy the ever living hell out of me after just a few minutes though.

Iron Brigade aka Trenched, XBLA:
Just plain awesome. I really like this game.  I suck at tower defense/ Strategy games but this one is just a blast. Not to say it doesnt have a few little problems. For one, no local co-op, which makes me sad because i'd like to play this with Sapito without needing to buy another copy of it and a gold subscription for Sapito. Second, it can be REALLY hard protecting 2 locations on either side of the map. Finally, unskippable cutscenes...while I don't skip cutscenes first time through, Why oh why cant I skip something I've watched 6 times already?

Guwange, XBLA:
Not much I can say about it beyond, its a Cave Shmup and its fun. I utterly suck but, you know, thats what unlimited continues are for :p

F.E.A.R., XBOX360:
I played this for a little bit when I first bought it ages ago and I dont remember why I stopped playing. I think it was before I had played too many shooters and I was getting my ass handed to me.
After playing F.3.A.R I decided I wanted to go back and play the previous games.
This time around I was doing pretty good, and having a good time til the freaky stuff flashing on the screen got to me and I stopped playing. This is definitely a lights on, someone sit with me and hold my hand Dead Space...what? I scare easy.

Deathsmiles, XBOX360:
Another side scrolling bullet hell shooter. Cute anime witches, lots of bullets flying, hours of fun. Also the game which helped me break 20K gamerscore.

Kinect Adventures, Fruit Ninja, Dance Central, XBOX360:
This years family gift was a Kinect and this week I finally got around to trying it out. I enjoyed it a lot, its fun to watch everyone acting like an utter goofball. I'm thinking of checking out Child of Eden and Rise of Nightmares.

Shadows of the Damned, XBOX360:
This one is a bit...I don't know.
I don't mind crass low-brow humor, hell I THRIVE on it. For example I adored the ridiculously over the top  cursing and insults in Bulletstorm. But this game....Its missing something and I cant put my finger on it. Every so often it gave me a chuckle but over all I just groaned at the over the top dick jokes and the random Spanish cursing. The story is bland and uninspired, the visuals are so so and I find myself liking the damn skull, Johnson, better than Garcia "Fucking" Hotspur. Thank God it was only $12.99.

Still as trippy weird as I remember....and no matter what I do I always die at the damn final battle of Act 3...*sigh*

Lost Odyssey, XBOX360:
Now that I got that out of my system...I dont know what made me throw this in the disk tray but, I'm glad I did. I really do like this game. The Dreams tend to drag out a little too long at times and it would be nice if Kaim removed the stick from his ass but its got a good story, great characters and its absolutely beautiful to look at...Great Soundtrack too.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, XBOX360:
I can't even begin to describe this games, its The amazing art which is out of this world and richly varied, the combination of  hack and slash fighting, 3D platforming and 2D platforming are just so well done that none of it feels out of place. The story is one big headache but who cares? Its like playing a work of art. And like Lost Odyssey, its another game with an AMAZING Soundtrack.

There are many more games I've played on and off but I dont want to make this longer than it already is.
So, I'll be working on that Dragon age thing between gaming binges :)


robert (wildwolf83) said...

Nice reviews :) I am a fan of thr RE: series and found 5 to be a good game however the mechanics have always needed work lol. I agree you cant move with a knife. That was an issue since re 1. I also see

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Ok I'm subscribed now. :)

s4ndm4n said...

forgot to add: mgbeers on playfire.

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Thanks :) I appreciate the support