Friday, May 18, 2012

We Gave Our Lives to Normandy

YAY!! My Normandy came in today. Its very cool! I'm now trying to decide if I wanna buy the Cerberus model as well as the Alliance one. 


s4ndm4n said...

omfg no. way.

SihayatheFremen said...

Hell yeah! Now I'm waiting for my Garrus and Mordin action figures to come in to keep Thane company with the Normandy :P I'm such a geek

War said...

That's pretty awesome! I wish I had the room to collect cool stuff like this :(.

SihayatheFremen said...

Thank you :)

Well, I'm quickly running out of room so..I need a bigger house :P
Seriously, I cant get up from my desk without action figures falling over like dominoes.

Anonymous said...

RavePhoenix here that model looks amazing wow id get one but my cats would destroy it and I know it or pee on it :(

SihayatheFremen said...

naughty cats :(
My stuff is high enough on shelves that my dogs can't get them. LASt time they got to my daughter's Sackboy and Sackboy lost :(