Thursday, May 24, 2012

So quick hello here

Um... I finished a game for once... The Walking Dead Episode 1. If you havent' played it.. GO DO THAT NOW!!!! it was really really good. Can't wait til the next one.
Played a bit of Fable Heroes with my son, super cute game if a little chaotic.
I'm still trying to convince myself I like Amalur, and failing miserably. I hate Amalur.
What else?
Oh, I started Dear Esther and its...weird...pretty, but weird.
Torchlight 2 Beta was pretty great, can't wait for that to come out.
Got the Secret World Beta, spent a day installing the damn thing and then never bothered with it...I'm just not an MMO girl. (I was an UTTER disaster at Star Trek Online :P )
Wanna talk about Mass Effect...not the ending, i'm tired of hearing about the endings. Just, about the games in general, just, seems i never have the time or energy to sit down and write anymore. Way too much on my plate right now.

I'll get to it.
I hope

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War said...

I really enjoyed this game as well, it got me into the show, which is 3x gorier than the game haha.