Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Rant about Collector's Editions

No, i'm not gonna bitch about price. Why? Cause enough people bitch about price. If I cant afford one, I don't buy it, or I wait and hope there will be some later on when I can afford it.

Prime examples of the waiting game?
Bioshock 2
Alan Wake
Force Unleashed 2
Witcher 2 PC CE
Otomedius Excellent
Record of Agarest War Zero
Lord of the Rings War in the North

Those 2 I bolded, Italicized and underlined are 2 I just received last night. I will be taking pics of their contents and unboxing them during my next Youtube video which will probably happen tonight or tomorrow.
Those 2 right there, well one of them in particular has led to my current rant....

ok...publishers need to seriously figure this out...

NO MORE FUCKING PLAYING CARDS FOR CHRISSAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, I was down with the Fallout New Vegas ones, cause every card had an image, the backs were from all the different Casinos. Pretty sweet. of Course the down side of that is...who's gonna actually USE them to play cards? you dont wanna ruin those. So rather than using them or displaying them they sit in my CE box.

Then came Fable 3 CE...
What a lovely case. Appealed to the game and book collector in me. I open it and i love that little pull out drawer with that lovely guild seal coin (love it so much I'm planning on getting the Fable Guild Seal tattooed on my lower back..on the side, not  a tramp stamp.) and next to this coin?
Playing Cards....i carefully open the box and take the cards out to look at them and....only the face cards have images, the rest are standard cards...really?
Not only do they give me playing cards I'm not going to play with because...again...collector's item...but they half ass it with only the face cards having artwork, unlike the gorgeous cards that came with New Vegas.
Disappointed :(
There they sit, in their box, in the CE box.

Now..on the flip side real quick...I DID buy a set of Hakuoki playing cards that I will never play with probably because I love Hakuoki. but those were like $5...I'm actually thinking of buying a second pack so me and the kids CAN play cards with them and save one pack... The CE for the game brought a gorgeous artbook and a BEAUTIFUL soundtrack. Man, I can't rave enough about Hakuoki... Hakuoki games has been announced and unlike Fleeting Blossom which was a choose your own adventure Otome game, this one will be an action game with actual combat. WOOT!!!!

ok back on topic....

Yesterday I open up my new games and Record of Agarest War Zero brings a lovely box lined with purple satin in which sit nestled 2 small boxes.
One, a set of collectible skill cards...for...well, to collect.
the other box guessed it..PLAYING CARDS!!!!!!!!!! and again, not the NV kind but the face cards have images only type. *sigh* Another set to sit in a box never to be used...At least the box is pretty? might ask... Well Sihaya, No one made you buy the damn CEss right? So why bitch? Not only that BUT CEs tend to tell you what they contain in them before you buy them, so if you have a collection of playing cards its kind of on you.

And I would say, "Fuck you very much for being a smart ass" and after that I'd say "yes you're right..sort of..."

See I bought the above mentioned CEs for numerous reasons, playing cards weren't really factored into that.
What was it that led to me buying them?
Artbooks, Soundtracks, DLC, Making of Videos etc. However, those playing cards take up space and money that could have gone to something more...useful or at least aesthetically pleasing and displayable. So it bugs me.

I guess there's only one thing left to do...

Combine all the packs of playing cards I've gotten. finally learn Caravan and start gambling!


Tomala said...

Never knew about the playing cards. All of my special editions are digital.

Sihaya Atreides said...

when possible I prefer physical media. I just dont trust digital. Example. buy something on XBLA, if they take it off the market and you deleted it from your HDD cause you needed space, its gone forever. Money wasted.

Steam...I buy there now because my budget doesnt allow for me to buy games like I used to since my divorce and I worry every time I uninstall something that I will never get it back.

Besides, I like seeing my nice rows of game cases and my pretty swag on my shelves.

and sometimes i'll buy the digital version of something and then buy a physical copy too.
Best example is Witcher 2. I bought he digital deluxe version then I bought the xbox CE and then I bought the actual physical PC CE...for the head. I REALLY wanted the head statue.

Tomala said...

"when possible I prefer physical media. I just dont trust digital. Example. buy something on XBLA, if they take it off the market and you deleted it from your HDD cause you needed space, its gone forever. Money wasted."

This is why I prefer PC gaming over console, or anything that really accepts a walled garden mentality. Steam doesn't do that to people. If you don't want something on your system you can just download it later. No need worrying about something being pulled and losing your game/app and money.

I can see where you're coming from with cases though. Some of them do look really nice. But meh, I'm just all about playing the games (and extra DLC etc).

Sihaya Atreides said...

To each his own, but I guess i'm just old fashion. I grew up with cartridges and I like to see tangible items on my shelves.
My preference will always be consoles regardless of what you call their "garden walled mentality"
I prefer a controller to a keyboard and I prefer my bed or couch to an uncomfortable chair at a desk. I also like playing local co-op with my kids and thats just not something that can be easily done on PC.

I do what's best for me and what makes me happiest, others are more than welcome to do the same.I won't belittle their choice. If Someone prefers Digital Media and a PC to consoles and actualy disks more power to them, but it won't ever change my feelings on the matter.
I don't just play games, I enjoy collecting them and things related to them. Actual, physical things I can display. Games I can trade in should I need to someday.
Because.. sure I have over 600 games on steam, however, if I can't afford groceries to feed my family, I can't sell anything off my steam acct in order to get a few bucks for food, I CAN however sell actual physical games for cash to buy groceries.