Tuesday, July 24, 2012


From time to time someone usually comments on my game collection. On occasion they ask me why I own so many games? Do I ever intend to play them? how many of them do I actually play?
My knee jerk first reaction is to say "why the hell do you care?" but that would be rude.
So instead I calmly explain myself yet again....which is starting to piss me off, because, I don't owe explanations to anyone.
But, again, in an attempt to not be a raging bitch I go through my often repeated speech that goes like this:

I own this many games because I love games. I love to play them, I love to collect them, I love to read about them, I love to have options. 
I buy games that I am interested in, games I'm curious about, games I've heard good things about. I don't just randomly pick shit off the shelves while blindfolded.
I don't play as many of them as I would like to for numerous reasons, but for the most part I buy them with the intent to play them (whether I finish them is another story).

I fail to see why it matters to anyone how big my Steam list is (by the way, people need to realize that the number of games they see on my profile is not the number of games I own on steam, that number includes DLC for some odd reason). Is my buying a game on Steam preventing someone else from purchasing that game? Is the person asking me about the amount of games I own paying for my games?
I'm gonna go with "No" as an answer to both of those questions, and if that's the case then....WHY THE HELL DO THEY CARE????????????????

Yes, I buy a lot of games across many platforms. In the past I was also a bit of a shady character and that bolsters the number of games in my possession. My Xbox360 is currently out of space from all the XBL, XBIG and DLC I have purchased. My PS3 is also out of space from downloading some games recently after getting Playstation Plus.  Realistically speaking, I will NEVER get through my entire collection. Even though I am not the only person in my house that games (my children do as well) WE will never get through my entire collection. But, how does that affect anyone else?

GOG, Steam, Desura...I got 'em all and I've got plenty on all
This is but the tip of the game iceberg really

I pay my bills, I buy my groceries, I buy some games. I don't beg others for games, I'm reformed and so I don't pirate games anymore, I buy indie bundles to support both the small developers and charity and I give away games from said bundles that I have no interest in, or that I already owned from past purchases.

So tell me please, why do I need to justify or defend my collection? I understand a lot of people prefer to rent games or buy games and trade them in for other games, but that's not my thing. However I do not give them a world of shit for it because its not something I myself do.

I own a lot of games....more than many people, less than others. As long as I have money to spare I will continue to buy games. As time and inclination allows I will play some of these games. I will never play them all. But unless I'm taking your games or you're footing the bill....I'm not really interested in your opinion of me or my gaming habits. That may sound rude but, I'm just fed up with the situation.

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mrslilypond said...

You buy games...I buy yarn. It's no ones elses business as long as your bills are covered. Which I know you are.