Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Friday

So its that time again and I'm actually doing this on time for a change.

This week's game is Postal 2: Complete:


If you miss it, I'll be posting a different game on my OMG FB and remember...I still have those other Steam games in my inventory waiting to be claimed.


Robert Noctune said...

Lol so temping to claim... But I'll pass on this, so other people will have a decent at this since I already own around a gazillion games.
If I happen to have more spare games... I'll let you know ;-)

Sihaya Atreides said...

Well I'd say claim it if you want it. I just don't know if its been claimed already or not,no one ever tells me if they claim stuff.

and yes, you have a gazillion games...
but I have MOAR!!! lol

Robert Nocturne said...

rub it in will ya :(
some day.... *drifts off in thought*

Sihaya Atreides said...

hehe. you'll pass me soon if you keep buying like you have been :p