Saturday, October 6, 2012

Looks like I upset somebody....

Yesterday I wrote a review of Hack Slash Loot. A review that actually started as a conversation with a friend on Steam. He was amused by my comments and we decided I should make it a little review on here.

Well last night that post got an anonymous comment claiming that I am "butthurt" and saying the game is bad because I can't play the game.
Eh, you guys know me, I freely admit I suck at games, that isn't much of an insult.
So yeah, no biggie.

But today that review has been getting an insane amount of views, which made no sense whatsoever to me, so I decide to check out the analytics and find that the views are coming from and Twitter. So I check out the Twitter post and found this:

I'm sensing butthurt, but it isn't mine. The game in my opinion (which is what a review is) is terrible. I suck at many games and still think they are great. Go to Steam and check out my recommendations, or look through this blog. Just recently I raved about how great They Bleed Pixels is. Do I suck at it? you bet your tits I do! Is it still a great game? DAMN STRAIGHT! I lost track how many times I died in that game, yet, that doesn't take away from the fact its a good game, and its fun, even with my constant impalement on spikes.

So when I say that I think the game is awful, it is because I think the game is awful regardless of my skill or lack thereof.
Reviews are subjective. Many games I love others hate, many games I love others hate. That's just how it goes. My reviews are just that, MINE, and I will give MY opinion on the game I am reviewing. This review was no different, except that my hate was described with more creativity than usual :p

Also..anonymous poster is outta luck, no more anonymous posting on my blog :)

Enjoy your night, hope you guys enjoyed my vid with the kids today and I'll be back soon to get my rant on :)

Ps...don't take my "butthurt" opinion..Here's another review for you to enjoy:

I don't give games numbered ratings but, if you're into that stuff the review above gives it a 4.4.


s4ndm4n said...

LOL. It's funny when people jump right to saying someone just sucks at a game because they said something bad about it. Butthurt is a perfect term for the poster. Ugh.

I never take any of your reviews to mean that you just can't play a game cus you suck at it. They are always objective IMO. Keep it up... although I know you will anyway.. just encouraging your great reviews. :D

Sihaya Atreides said...

Well I guess I should thank them for all the attention, right?
and thank you for reading and enjoying my reviews :)

I rant about games, I say games suck. I hated New Vegas when i first got it and I wrote about it and why I hated it. Later I played it some more and I came back and revised my opinion, still hate parts of it, still like FO3 better but, I did say that some parts of NV got better.
Same with Skyrim...
ok it still kinda puts me to sleep unless i play it on PC then the mods make it better, but I still cant play it too long.

I don't wanna tell people what to play. I love gaming and I suck at it and I've only been gaming for like 10 years, so what do i know? I know MY opinion, which is what I give. Some agree, some don't.

I know a few people who got Hunted based on my review of it. I also know that I stopped NO ONE from playing Skyrim just cause it put me to sleep. So I guess its really up to the game to make people play it or not, not the reviewer.