Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Been working on something but its not done yet so enjoy this instead

So, I recently bought Thor God of Thunder, you know, the movie tie in game to Thor. Reviews say its utter and complete shit.  Gave it a 2.0. blah blah.
I don't listen to reviews.
But it is a movie tie in game so its probably gonna suck.
Started playing it last night.
Really fucking enjoyed it. Color me shocked.

So today, thanks to Raptr and Playfire and all those other lovely social sites everyone knows I played it. and everyone is telling me it sucks. And I'm fucking sick of it. Because well, who are they to tell me what to play or not play, like or dislike?
After I ranted on FB about it, I decided to check out my collection of games for other  crappy games.
I posted this on fb and now I'm posting it here.

So, I decided to browse a bit of my game collection see how it rates. Most of the shit on my collection is so not popular it was never reviewed by like Gamespot or whatever but there's plenty of 4.0 and below.
Lowest rating:

Thor (of course) at a 2.0
Xena Warrior Princess 2.8

Xena was pretty meh. it was a really really bare fighting game...I loved the shit out of it back in the day, cause.. Xena...FUCK YEAH!

Soul Calibur Legends 3.5

I almost dislocated my fucking shoulder swinging my Wiimote playing this. Good times. I can't tell you the story...I totally skipped all the talking cause it was lame. But the flailing like a retard was super fun.

Lux Pain 3.5

LOVED this game so much. I actually reviewed this on my blog when it came out. Its got some bad things but overall, its so worth playing.

Dynasty Warriors 6, Warriors Orochi, Warriors Oroch 2 4.0

Yeah...well these are love or hate from what I've seen. I love em.

Gauntlet Legends, Gauntlet Dark Legacy 4.3

I can't begin to tell you how many damn hours I spent playing Legends on N64 and later Legacy on PS2. Can't decide if I hate the Ice or Poison world more and Fuck you Chimera!

Blade Kitten 4.5

I suck at platforming but I don't care. I love everything about this game and I'm pissed that it sold badly because I need the next episode!
Kit is adorable, the game is adorable, it was fun as hell thought sometimes it made me cry and it took me forever to figure out how to fight the final boss but I did it and I finished the damn thing!

I could go on but that's enough.
I have plenty of high rated games too, and they're great. But that doesn't mean that anything scoring lower than a 7 is terrible or that reviewers are infallible.
Everyone has different tastes and my taste might suck but its mine and apparently they make shitty games just for people with bad taste like me.

I don't go tell you that what you play sucks whether I think it does or not, so, don't do that shit to me.
You wanna discuss and debate the good and bad points of a game, sure, no problem.
You wanna be a dick? move along.

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