Sunday, August 3, 2014

SPOILERS How long is ok?

Yesterday I was playing SR4. When I finished I went through my screenshots to pick the ones I wanted to upload to Steam. Once I chose my screenshots I proceeded to check off the Spoiler Tag box. My son, Frog, asks me "Why are you doing that?"
"So that the screenshots will have a black box over them, Frog."
"Why would you do that?"
"So people will have to click on it to see the picture."
"Because maybe other people haven't played it yet."
"Why does that matter?"
Why do kids ask so many damn questions and why do they all start with "Why"???
Patience wearing thin I try to get the entire explanation out before he interrupts me with another "why" again.
"Because Frog, maybe other people haven't played it yet and I don't want to spoil the game for them because thats considered rude and and mean. If you play a game you wanna find out what happens on your own."
Feeling exhausted from saying all that without taking a breath and happy that he'll stop asking questions now that I'v answered him fully I look at him and he just looks at me like I'm SOOOOO DUMB.
He rolls his eyes and says "Why would it matter? the games been out forever. Its OLD." then he just went off to play Castle Crashers thoroughly disgusted with me for being so stupid.
(For the record the game has been out a year)

So..How long should you legit expect spoiler warnings?

I mean, example...someone once yelled at me for spoiling FF7 (Aerith dies!) and I'm not talking about years ago. I'm talking about maybe ONE year ago. Look people, I haven't even slogged through all of FF7 and I know she dies and I am utterly unaffected by said spoiler because its been a billion years since the game came out.

I was however thoroughly pissed when Borderlands 2 came out and someone posted a big ole screenshot spoiling an important plot point about my favorite character TWO WEEKS after the game came out. I think I had a right to be pissed.

Back in the day games came out sporadically, you had some time to save up for the next big game and pick it up. Not only that but these were the days before internet or in the infancy of the internet so, you didn't see EVERYTHING about a game in your face 24/7. Spoilers were harder to come by and you had time to catch up with everyone else.
But now, when games come out 10 a week on Steam. When everywhere you look, people are posting pics and comments and videos everywhere...can you still expect spoiler free gaming? For how long?

I try to be really really good about spoilers because I HATE HATE HATE spoilers. So, I like to err on the side of caution. If its a story point in a game, regardless how old the game is I will first ask a person if they want a spoiler, or I'll use the spoiler tag on Steam for my screenshots. But I can't expect everyone to do the same, right?

AAA games obviously get more exposure, more players and therefore are more prone to early spoilers. Indie games perhaps not so much though...honestly, am I the only one that feels Indie games are now more "mainstream" than AAA games? Guess that's a rant for another time though.

Ok so AAA games, big names, lots of people, lots of coverage. How long is reasonable? While i'd like to say "forever" as in, be cautious and ask a person first before divulging plot points, I know thats impossible so, reasonably speaking... 6 months?
No blatant spoilers without asking first for the first 6 months post release? Giving people a chance to pick it up on sale or get to it in their backlog. (Not me you understand because i WILL never catch up on my backlog and you should ALWAYS assume I haven't played a game even if I pre-ordered it and got it on release Assassin's Creed... I'm only on 2 but I own all of them...don't judge bitches!)

Indies? well they are smaller and you finish them faster...but! most people will ignore them to begin a year? Unless you roll with a crowd that is really into them so you know they'll play them as they come, then the AAA rule applies, 6 months.

Do i think these numbers are exactly fair and 100% great, no. but I think they are at least some sort of guideline to being fair. Again... If you are talking to me, DISREGARD THAT. Assume I haven't played the game, I WILL dick punch you if you ruin the game for me btw. You've been warned.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have a better suggestion?

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