Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I need someone to explain FF7 to me

Specifically why it is that everyone loves it so much,  because, I don't get it.

The first Final Fantasy game I tried was FF10, I didn't get very far. Not because I didn't like it, but because I had never played a jrpg before and had no idea wtf I was doing. I got stuck and I stopped...I am now stuck again because...FUCK SEYMOUR! But I'll get through him one of these days.

After my failure at FF10 I decided I'd check what all the hype was about and I tried FF7....From the beginning I hated everything about it. I can't explain it. I just didn't like anything about it. I stuck it out for a while an then said fuck it and stopped.

I've tried every FF since that first failure at FF10. Some I've almost finished, some I stopped partway through. But there's only 3 of them I can honestly say I don't care if I ever go back to because I just can't stand them or their characters...FF7, FF8 and FF13.

Cloud, Aerith, Squall, Vanille, Hope, Lightning are just some of the few motherfuckers I wanna skullfuck every time I TRY to play one of these games.
Oddly enough I like Crisis Core...except all the parts I gotta deal with Aerith and Cloud. I don't even mind Angeal's whining or Genesis being...Genesis. But ugh Aerith and Cloud.
One of the first things I did when I got Dissidia was go through and beat the shit out of Cloud with every other character, lol.

But you know, I'm not ALL about hate.
I really like FF4. Cecil is awesome, so is Kain. So much so I forgive them for Palom and Porom.
FF9 is fucking boss! Zidane holds a special place in my heart.
I actually really like FF1 as well and I'd finish it if I could remember wtf I was doing when I left off.
Aside from the fact that Seymour is currently raping my ass, I like FF10, I damn well should, I dress up as Lulu enough.
I also enjoyed 3,5 and Revenant Wings (that's a spinoff of 12 because I couldn't get into 12. Vaan looks girly even by JRPG standards and I hate the battle system. Game does look absolutely gorgeous though).

Didn't care much for FF2 but that's more on not liking how leveling up and such works, not so much on the story or characters.

So please, someone explain to me why gamers all fall down and suck the dick of FF7 and FF8 because I don't get it at all.

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xarabas said...

As much as i like FFVII i have to admit it hasn't aged well at this point really. There are many reasons why i liked FFVII so much but then again it might not work for you since not all of us will experience certain game in same manner. For me, it's mostly related to childhood, innocence which was a big party of it, feeling of adventure and that you we're a part of something bigger that yourself.

Just hearing this for the first time on world map after you leave Midgar and all those slums is something which can't be really put in words.
It is one of those rare games where i literally forgot what is the main quest and what i'm supposed to do just cause i was so immersed in sidequests and everything else.
I bought it again on Steam few months ago and like i said in the beginning it hasn't aged well but that doesn't apply to the moemories from playing FFVII for the first time which are still vivid and fresh just like 12 years ago.