Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hellos people of the internets! (if any of you actually still come here)

Its been crazy hectic in my house lately.
Tons of stuff going on with the kids school and chorus and colds and allergies and homework and chores and....well you name it and its going on. I have written quite a bit though in the few moments of spare time I've gotten (when not gaming) but its all long-hand. I prefer to write on regular paper with a good ole pen when I have something  worth writing about instead of the direct on the screen route.

For all the time I spend chatting online and/or playing video games you would think me and a screen would be best of friends but not so. My eyes are really paying the price of all this tv/computer and reading time I've spent throughout my life.

Recently my eyes were so bad one day that I had to have my daughter read out the codex entries in Dragon Age for me because they looked like fuzzy dancing symbols to me instead of words. (yes, I'm planning on going to the Eye Doctor for new glasses soon)

Today I went out to renew my license (which i didn't renew because apparently as of Jan. this year I need to submit a million pieces of paper, a blood sample and my first born, in order to renew...Thanks Homeland Security. Seriously, If I were going to blow up someplace i wouldn't waste the C4 on this crappy town.

so, with no license renewal we went out shopping instead. The day turned out pretty good. 2 of the 4 games i ordered from Amazon came in today (Last Remnant and infinite Undiscovery) and the other 2 shipped today (ninety-nine Nights and Eternal Sonata)
A while back I had given my hubby my DS since he wanted to work on his spanish and his brain age and poor guy is the only person in the family without some sort of handheld. Yeah, boy did I regret that decision immediately. Suddenly I didn't have anything to do while I smoked, not to mention the huge list of great DS games that have come out recently.what could I do though? I didn't want to be a brat and take it back, so I would use the kids DSs while they were at school sometimes but I hate doing it because they have sticky icky kid funk all over them.
 today we bit the bullet and I got myself a new used DS...Oxymoron.
So now everyone has their very own DS, I have even more games to play and my feet hurt from walking around in knee high boots.

so here I am eating my Teriyaki Yakisoba with a bottle of coke getting ready to read the latest Vampire Hunter D manga then the instruction manuals for my 2 new games after which I will play eenie-minnie-minie-moe with my games to decide what to play.

Hopefully my kids are now through their million illnesses and will actually all attend school for 5 days consecutively which will mean I'll have time to type up the stuff I've written. i'm looking forward to posting a bit more often again, I'm just terrible with time management and with internet updates...I haven't updated my kids website for months...I feel guilty.


James Henderson said...

Testing comments, 1.. 2.. 3..

Erm.. dammit I forgot what I was actually gonna say now. Bollocks.

Um.. oh yes. Damn that's a lot of DSes in the house. What's that now, 5? I barely use my 1. Granted, I'm more of a PSP user and even it's sporadic, even though I've got both Final Fantasy 7 and 8 both to re-finish, Monster Hunter to master, and whatever else (I think Dissidia's still in the UMD, god that was a letdown :( ).

But yeah, Q1 this year's been an absolute NIGHTMARE. Just too much awesome in a short space of time and there's not enough free time in the day to get around to it. I picked up Heavy Rain yesterday and haven't even got the plastic off yet, will have Bad Company 2 pre-loaded on Steam on Friday, before Final Fantasy 13 comes out the Tuesday after that. As well as that, I still have Dragon Age Origins still to finish, along with GTA4 (still!), Brutal Legend, InFamous, Far Cry 2, Miles Edgeworth (that came out last week iirc), Final Fantasies 3 and 4 also on DS..... the list could go on exponentially.

I want to get the new games done first so I can get them reviewed and pushed out in other blog comments while it's still fresh in people's heads and relatively new. I have to say, keeping on top of the news and posting reactions to it's done wonders for my site numbers, a lot of people get filtered in through the automatic syndication that the WordPress platform has with Joystiq, and then there's having the link on my Kotaku profile as well, so commenting pretty often there gets a lot of views when they see me and think "Who's this guy with his high-and-mighty opinion, what makes him think he's right?" :D

Really it's just all about getting out there and getting the word out. Twitter and Facebook are always good for the initial burst as well, but it's hard to beat TL;DRing a post into 3 sentences and then providing linkbait with the promise of expansion on loosely based points.

... dammit I've done it again haven't I?

Sihaya said...

Actually we have 6 DSs...if you count the one that is still in pieces.
Lately I've been using my PSP mainly as an MP3 player. MY Ipod died long ago...piece of crap...I refuse to buy another one.
I just got Dante's Inferno for the PSP so I'll probably check it out soon though I really didn't care much for the 360 Demo.

I feel ya on many little time and money.

I'm hoping I'll get a PS3 sometime this year so I can play GOW3, Yakuza 3 and Heavy Rain.

I'm pretty lucky as far as game reviews go for the library. I have no deadline and really no guidelines except for you know, keeping it clean cause its for teens. I'm actually encouraged to review older games or more obscure ones that have been overlooked.
I mean you can read about new games everywhere, but where do you go to read about "Pop Town" or "Elvenland" or "Lux-Pain"?

Its weird, When I started this blog, I wasn't really that thrilled about it, it was more hubby's idea due to my sudden rush of Kotaku fame (for all of a week). But I did wanna vent my "girly gaming rage" somewhere.

Now, I haven't posted much, or often and nothing particularly earth shattering but I'm ok with that. I just want to be able to speak when I have something to say, you know?
I appreciate you and the few others who read it of course but I'm not trying all that hard to get attention.
Frankly between the starring and unstarring on Kotaku and the bizarre threads on the forums the other day, I think I've gotten PLENTY of attention and not all good, lol.

my Facebook is pathetically and completely empty...again, cause I just haven't bothered.

And Twitter?
have you SEEN how long it takes me to make a point? I can't function within the itty bitty tweets. So I lost a follower out of my HUGE grand total of 10, now there are 9 :(

I've found that apparently I'm only interesting when I'm bitchin or being lewd *sigh*

Its like Xbox Live. I finally got it and for what? I have yet to play online. its just kinda...there.