Friday, September 23, 2011

Procrastination and Social Media, the 2 greatest enemies to my blog

I apologize for the lack of anything worthwhiles soon as i find my phone's cable to hook it up to my pc I'll upload the hilariously bad video of me opening my Gears Epic Edition that my daughter has plastered on her FB to embarass me lol. Apparently she was holding my phone upside down so I need to correct that before I post it.
I have finished the Gears 3 campaign and I am truly (I swear this time not like Dante's Inferno) I'm gonna make a nice big Gears related post soon. 
As I mention pretty much CONSTANTLY, my health is shite and sometimes its an effort just to get through the day. So sometimes I'm a little slower with sitting down to write than I would like. 
If you could only see my notebooks full of notes for things I wanted/want to write about.

Idealized male game characters to counterbalance the female sex kittens.

Dante's Inferno...and the hell just playing part of that horrid knock off GoW crap with its bastardized version of the Divine Comedy.

Castlevania- I once started taking copious notes for a big Castlevania retrospective that I never got around to writing.

Its also about time to update my "shame in list form". Lots of stuff to take off and add on to that list. 
I've also gone into some obsessive thing where I'm on like a billion different game sites for no discernible reason.

Raptr of course been there for a while now

While I've been on Gamespot for almost as long as I've been gaming I just started checking out Fuse.

I joined Xfire a couple of years ago but I never use it, so now i'm gonna give that a try.

Joined Playfire about 2 days ago and am still checking out how that works. 

and I discovered True Achievements last night from a friend's twitter post. I think its an interesting concept actually.

So, if you guys have any of those, look me up :)

As you can see, I never have time to game cause I'm too busy wasting time on all these other sites..and of course Twitter and Facebook.

Not only that I'm just worn out tired. and I broke my toe. my little pinky toe, and now i'm a sad panda.

But, it will pass and I will  write some of the things I listed about, because I WANT to talk about them.
i'm also open to suggestions.

and just's a pathetically silly pic of me my daughter took with my phone when my Epic Edition came in.

Yes, I am an utter Dork

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