Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is what I haven't done- Part 1

Over a year ago I wrote 3 posts listing the games I hadn't gotten around to playing or if I had played I hadn't finished them. Many games have come and gone since then, so I thought I'd do an update since I've bought many games since then and even finished a few.

Much like in my previous posts, I'm not including Handheld Consoles, Music games or Fighting games. Handhelds because I own WAY too many games to EVER make a dent in. Music and Fighters because you are never really "done" with them. So these lists will be very incomplete.


Mirrors Edge- Still havent touched it. Not sure why.

Devil May Cry 4- As stated before, I quit before the final boss because I just dislike this game

Call of Duty 4- I think if I went back to this I could get past Chernobyl but I never really get an itch to play it.

Modern Warfare 2- Don't wanna play it til I finish the first one (this sentiment still stands)

Gears of War- COMPLETE

Gears of War 2-  COMPLETE

*Gears of War 3- COMPLETE

Stranglehold- meh. Crotch shooting and doves no longer do it for me.

Ninja Gaiden 2- honestly, I forget this game exists

Onechanbara- Hubby played it and thought it was utter crap. I had already heard it was utter crap and its only in my collection because I do not trade or sell my games.

Infinite Undiscovery- 
I actually DID start this not that long ago. I barely made it past the opening cutscene before deciding the main character is an ass clown and I have no interest in anything that has to do with him.

Last Remnant- Started this recently. I was actually really enjoying it, but then Gears 3 showed up on my doorstep and The Last Remnant was forgotten
Ninety Nine Nights- Its a poor man's Dynasty warriors...and not 1/3 as fun. Played it once and that's all I needed.

Eternal Sonata- Sometimes I look at the box, and think..."meh, some other time" Which in Sihaya speak means "I'm never gonna play this)

Ultimate Alliance 2- Played once and it sucked too much for me to continue.

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2- LFD-COMPLETED. Started L4D2 and I just can't get into it, the Survivors are so dull. I miss Bill

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion-  Yeah, with Skyrim about to drop, I will probably NEVER finish this.

Dead Space- Started it and then got my ass handed to me in Chapter 2 at which point I quit. Also, scared me so bad that one of my girls had to keep me company and when her sister opened my bedroom door at one point, We both shrieked like we were being tortured and almost had  heart attack

Lost Odyssey- Finally got past the evil blue worm and am now on the second disk...I love Jansen SO MUCH.

Fable 2- still haven't finished the DLC.
*Fable 3- Haven't finshed the DLC...damn game glitched.

Mass Effect 1 and 2- ME1 COMPLETED, still working on ME2

The Darkness- Some day I will finish this damn game, but not anytime soon.

Kameo: Elements of Power-Another game I forget exists

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom- I dont even remember what this game is about.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed- Got stuck somewhere and never bothered to try again

The Orange Box-  I dont get the HL love, I was bored. Also, i'm too stupid to get through Portal

Dead Rising-  While it looks fun, It doesnt really call to me.

Prey- Every few months I say to myself "I'm gonna play Prey soon" and then I go back to whatever I was doing.

Dynasty Warriors 6- COMPLETE, except for leveling every one to 50

*Alan Wake- Game looks great but after having read the novel, its kinda reduced the odds of me ever playing the game. Not because its bad mind you but because since I already know the story, I could be playing something I don't know the ending to.

*Assassin's Creed II- I like the game, I even bought Brotherhood and pre-ordered Revelations on the off chance I might ever finish it. I was really enjoying it til I had to start blending into crowds. I suck at stealth and I have no patience.

*Bioshock 2- played 20 minutes of it, got busy and walked away and never made it back to it

*Deus Ex: Human Revolution- 4 words. I. SUCK. AT. STEALTH.

*Dragon Age: Origins/Awakening- Need to complete 2 pieces of DLC for Origin. Awakening- COMPLETE

*Dragon Age 2- Working on it for a while before I got sidetracked by The Last Remnant and then Gears 3

*Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce- Flying Taoist monk/magicians...that's all I'm sayin.

*F.E.A.R. 1, 2 & Fear Files- Started the first one, seemed like a generic shooter with some cheap "horror" theatrics thrown in.

*Fallout 3 & New Vegas- I tend to never finish sandbox games. I get distracted by shiny things.

*L.A. Noire- The novelty wore off and better games took up my time

*Lost Planet 1&2- its gotten lost in the shuffle and I can't bring myself to actually try either.

*Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands- After Warrior Within, I started 2 thrones which was meh and so I havent bothered to try this one.

*Prototype- Just bought this a couple of weeks ago and I gave it a test play, looks pretty good. Hope I get to it eventually

*Red Dead Redemption- Between my crappy horseback skills and the fact that the ending has been spoiled a billion times, I havent gotten around to playing it again.

*Resident Evil 5- Not sure why I keep skipping over this.

*Sacred 2: Fallen Angel- Bought his to play with hubby, but he didnt like it.

*Star Wars Force Unleashed 2- Ok, I admit it, I only bought it because the CE was $20...I played the demo and it blew.

*Chronicles of Riddick- Just one of those games I forget exists until I happen to glance at the spine while looking for some other game

*Vanquish- Demo was cool, but I feel no inclination to play it.

*Wet- I was loving it...til the stupid obstacle course crap. Then I rage quit.

Tomorrow I'll continue with XBLA, XBIG, Xbox games.
So many much little time...

*Games added to the list since last year's Unfinished Games List.


Anonymous said...

Nice post (not sarcasim)
Your a very good righter..
Even if you right about yourself!
I love all your posts!
Your such an amazing righter.

SihayatheFremen said...

I thank you for the compliment.
And I will address your 3rd statement.:
Yes, I do write about myself. I created this blog to write about my experiences as a female Gamer who is also a mom.
I try to keep it game related most of the time, but since its a blog I reserve the right to go totally off topic :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. After reading that, I might start my own blog just so I can do something like that to other people!
I love your game reviews Btw.. :P
And I love your aditude when you wright!
I mean that in a good way :)

SihayatheFremen said...

Do something like what? What do you mean?
Anyone can write a blog, so, ypu know, if you want to start one, you should. I like writing, it let's me vent.