Sunday, December 4, 2011

This weekend...ZOMBIES!!!!

I like to do random stuff with the kids sometimes and this week was one of those times.
A while back we bought my son a little SWAT team set. Gun, vest, helmet etc. he loved that thing, but yesterday he comes to me sadly clutching his vest and telling me that somehow it ripped. He looked so sad about it and suddenly inspiration struck. I suggested that we tear it up a bit more, add some paint and zombify him. He instantly lit up, but his sisters had overheard and they wanted in on the action too.
So today, i slashed fabric, used red, yellow and green pain to paint blood and rot and bile and my husband put make-up on them and glue to make peeling skin.
Then we took pictures.

There was no real rhyme or reason. Halloween is long gone, but you don't really need an occasion to dress as a zombie.

Eventually they got me

It seemed hopeless

Then I was able to grab the now zombified cop's gun. Sadly it was futile, i'd already been bit.


Jim said...

eating brains and awesome zombie fun is good any time - that looks just great. I wish my family had been that much fun when I was a kid.

Resistance to zombies is certainly futile and they got you but good.

SihayatheFremen said...

I wish growing up my family had been a bot more on the goofy fun side of things. Maybe thats why I like doing stuff like this with my kids...or maybe i'm just a big goofy kid still lol