Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lets Talk about Games Bay-Bee Addressing some...aspersions cast on my ability to discern a good game from a bad one

Sorry, I'm old, Salt n Pepa just popped into my it, lol

So, I finally stopped buying games. YAY for my bank acct. The enitre list is kinda outta hand and on my FB if anyone cares.
But, I have actually been playing games lately too.
what have I played lately?
Fuck if I know, I have gaming ADD and switch games constantly.

I also finally got around to reading the Assassin's Creed novels and am now on The Secret Crusade which is giving me the same trouble the first Assassin's Creed gave me, its fucking boring and I can't stand Altair. I totally ripped through the previous 3 novels but this one I know is gonna take me a while because I have to force myself to read the damn thing.

I will write more on both the AC novels and the games I've played recently but I wanna talk about something else right now. grab some popcorn and get comfy...

Recently I got involved in some BS argument on Raptr because some people don't understand what an opinion is. Why am I bringing this up? because I can, and because it annoys me.

A while back i wrote  review about a game called Realms of Ancient War, a game that was panned by many and has a pretty crap score on Metacritic. If you or the asshole I argued with on Raptr have actually read my review (Here it is!) you will see that I mention the bad reviews. I mention the barebones nature of the game and the non-existant difficulty. I enjoyed the game immensely but I'm not blinded to its faults. I also make note of some games in the same genre that I have played and enjoyed and the flashes of those games that I found within R.A.W.
If you look at said review you will also notice that I wrote it in October, so why the hell this became some jerk's personal crusade NOW is beyond me. If you'd like to read that, knock yourself out.

My beef isn't that someone disagreed with my OPINION. Not the first time, won't be the last. My problem is that this person seemed determined to belittle me by making assumptions and you know what happens when you make assumptions.
Most of his rant is based on my being an "amateur"

Am I an "Amateur" gamer? I don't know, maybe, maybe not. It depends how you quantify Amateur Vs Experienced.

Do you base it on number of games played? 
genres played? 
games completed?
 games where you completed them AND got all achievements if applicable?
Years played?
Consoles played?
Knowledge of the underpinings, engines etc of games? 
Amount of knowledge about the industry in general?

By some of those standards I might be an amateur, by others no.

But I'll address his points here and you be the judge...

  • Have you ever played another hack and slash rpg?
    • Indeed I have played many and it is mentioned in my review of RAW
      •  I watched the trailer and it looked like Diablo 3 kinda, and kinda like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and I enjoyed both of those so I figured, sure, why the hell not. 

      •   I'm not the best person to ask about graphics, they don't matter much to me unless its an absolute eyesore. But this game  was pleasant enough to look at. It very much looked like the old PS2 games I loved, both Dark Alliance games, Norrath, Gauntlet.

  • saying a game is definitely worth $15 but not having any experience before hand on the subject is an amateur move. Because of this you have no idea the core mechanics that this game is missing.
    • I believe the above proves my "experience" with the genre

  • I advise you just give Torchlight a shot and you will see why this game isn't worth the money.
    • This is directly from my Steam list : Torchlight     79.5 hrs on record  Yet I still stand by the fact that *I* personally liked RAW I believe the above proves my "experience" with the genre

  • Welcome to the internet if you don't want to be judged by your opinions then you don't make a blog about them
    • This is an argument I've seen on every damn site I have ever gone to. You know what? NO, just NO. The fact that something is on the internet doesn't give people the right to treat another person like crap or tell them they can't have an opinion unless they agree with them. yes my blog is public, yes I encourage people to post their comments but this is NOT a democracy, it is still a PERSONAL blog, I don't have to take insulting, belittling comments or be "prepared to be judged". Thankfully most of the people who come here and share their thoughts are intelligent and respectful and I enjoy hearing from you guys both here and on my OMG Facebook

  • The point being not knowing your subject before hand is amateurish.
    • I believe the above proves my "experience" with the genre

  • Also i've got 20years of gaming
    • What did that have to do with anything? But for the record while gaming wasn't something I was very into I've had console sand been playing since 1983

  • I'm sure you haven't even heard of Champions of Norrath, Dungeon and Dragons heroes or Baldur's Gate Dark alliance 1 and 2. If you had played those you wouldn't think this was worth the time.

  • I'll say this again in a more polite manner even if i'm being a dick try the demo for torchlight and you will thank me.
    • From my Steam Game List:
      Torchlight II
      21.9 hrs on record
    • Torchlight 2 Beta was pretty great, can't wait for that to come out (From a quick note posted a while back)

  • i love how i'm apparently the belittling and insulting one when i've only said one direct insult
    • Quotes from his posts: 
    • Have you ever played another hack and slash rpg?

    • saying a game is definitely worth $15 but not having any experience before hand on the subject is an amateur move. Because of this you have no idea the core mechanics that this game is missing.

    • The point being not knowing your subject before hand is amateurish.

  • As for not knowing what games you played i had asked if you had played them maybe show a little common courtesy next time when someone asks you a question rather then insulting them.
    • I found no reason from the start of the conversation to bother handing a resume of my qualifications or lack thereof. However, much like how I saw he played Counterstrike on his Raptr profile, he just as easily could have informed himself of my own experience in gaming by glancing at mine.

I have never claimed to know more than I do, I have never claimed to be an expert. I am no journalist or a professional reviewer. I review games I enjoy, I list why, I list why not. You read it, you agree or disagree. I'm cool wit that. My problem isnt that he disagreed with me. Its that he wasted both our times with this pointless drama. The situation should have ended when I stated that we were both entitled to our opinion.

Above I posted some questions about the necessary info or lack of it to "rank" someone "Amateur" which I feel is another useless term right up there with "Casual Gamers" and "Hardcore Gamers" and "Fake Geek Girls" and "Real Geek Girls" etc. I'd really love to hear what you guys think of theses things, Leave a comment here or on my Fb (BTW, I feel very guilty that I spend more time in short rants on my OMG FB while taking so long to write here. I do promise I'll be giving some game impressions for my recently played games....if you guys wanna hear them that is.)

Speak Up guys, I don't bite, I promise and I'd love some more viewpoints on this whole crazy Gamer world and its issues.


BLD said...

Interesting read. I wonder what caused this whole debacle to begin with.
Maybe he played the game based on your review and felt that it wasn't that great (the game) or maybe his played the game and hates it and was just waiting for someone to come along and contradict his opinion or perhaps its a bandwagon type mentality.
Most reviewers hated it and therefore it would follow that most readers and internet trolls would also.
We've seen it a million times.
What is good is that you kept it cool and tried to remain on point.

About the question of experience, I think that a bit of a loaded question. Stats show that the average gamer is 30+, in my case im 41.
What constitutes experience? I believe is all the criteria you posted earlier.

How long you've been playing, the systems, do you know how things works in and out of the industry so on and so forth...much like it would be for any hobby. Think cars, or stamps.

That being said I would not discount someones opinion simply because they did not have the same level of knowledge that I may have.
Think of all the possibilities you are closing yourself out of.
You read many novels, you draw, you are just as passionate about gaming as anyone I've ever meet (including myself) and not only do you play popular games you also play some very obscure niche games that most have never heard of.

I would not concern myself with harsh retorts on your opinions.

Its the World Wide Web and you are facing the world.

You're doing a bang up job so keep it going.

Sihaya Atreides said...

I appreciate your support. :)

I think that the case with this individual is that he disliked the game for whatever reason and was just looking to pounce on someone who liked it as you said.

I freely admit I lack knowledge of many things related to gaming and when I find I don't know something, I admit I don't know and/or I seek information on it.
To quote Socrates "I know that I know nothing"

I also know that the world is not always going to agree with me, and I won't always agree with it. Its ok to be passionate about your opinions, its not ok to foist them on others whether they like them or not. And its not ok to throw around accusations, insinuations and snide remarks without making sure you're assertions are correct. Its childish and immature. Throwing a tantrum shows many things about a person, and none of those things are flattering.

I get the hate for something but I don't get the enjoyment people get out of making people who like what they hate feel bad. Especially in a situation such as this.

I do not like Call of Duty, I do not run around telling call of duty players their favorite game is shite, they have no taste and know nothing. I just don't play the game myself.

Actually, I dislike COD but my daughter loves BLOPS 1&2. Good for her, glad to see her gaming and enjoying herself. I will grab a handheld or another console and play something that I enjoy. I don't sit next to her telling her why COD sucks to me. That's silly and a waste of time.

Too many games to play to bother annoying someone about their choice in games.

As to my own genre jumping gaming. I think thats just part of my personality, I'm the same with books, movies, music. I'd be hard pressed to name a favorite Genre in any of those mediums.

I'd also like to think that by playing games that are maybe not obscure, but certainly less popular and talking about them, I can get others to maybe go outside their comfort zone and maybe check out something they might not have ever tried on their own and also, in a small way support that game and its makers by bringing info about it to a few more people.

I also always try to be as honest as possible when I talk about games, point out what i liked and disliked and why and also making sure to point out the things that I don't know much about and therefore am not fit to comment on.

I know money is precious and I want to avoid someone spending their hard earned cash on something they don't like because I praised it to the skies and never mentioned any negative points. Because there are ALWAYS negative points. Nothing is perfect.