Thursday, January 3, 2013

I upset the feminazi's on playfire so I thought I'd save the conversation here for posterity usual..was bitching yesterday about Bayonetta being sexist and demeaning...rofl...So I decided as a female to give my thoughts...Of course someone must have bitched and it  got deleted, because feminists can rant at length but don't elt anyone talk about sex, or be ok with female charactesr in games.. OH NO! BAN EM BAN EM!!!!!!!
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I want to create a game where my character isa naked female, and she kills enemies by giving blow jobs, just to watch all feminist spontaneously combust
  • There is most likely a game like that on the internet. But yeah, feminist tend to over-exaggerate.
    False_leader said 1 hour ago
  • just download a game making software from piratebay and upload some porn models in it and some naked dudes and some background and use other software to make the moves and create the game
    lolzzNL said 1 hour ago
  • lol
    xdragonwiingz said 1 hour ago
  • I'd totally cumbust
    LightMyFire said 1 hour ago
  • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol there are fewer games where ( the female monster do some creepy sht ) like open there vag and it has teeth and munch on you :l
    XxSt0ny42xX said 1 hour ago
  • yes but none of those have made feminists die. I want a game that will make them all explode into bits so I can enjoy my games without listening to their *expletive deleted* every time a game with a scantily clad chick comes out.
    SihayatheFremen said 58 minutes ago
  • Errhmm... What? Maybe you should go out sometimes : )
    PT2 said 58 minutes ago
  • what does going out have to do with it?
    SihayatheFremen said 57 minutes ago
  • Get some fresh air and meet ladies. It seems that you are horny.
    PT2 said 54 minutes ago
  • why would i want to meet women if I'm a straight female?
    SihayatheFremen said 53 minutes ago
  • my point obviously missed your head. I'm sick of feminist bitches whining about over sexualized females in games.
    SihayatheFremen said 53 minutes ago
  • @SihayatheFremen I Agree.
    David_Sizemore said 50 minutes ago
  • just look at most male characters. They are over sexualized too most of the time. I dont see men complaining about that.
    Valkyrslayer said 50 minutes ago
  • feminist would say that men being oversexualized in games is a "male fantasy" and that women oversexualized in games is a "male fantasy"

    I disagree, I LIKE dressing my character in slut-tastic armor, because I like it. just like I wear mini skirts because I like it. So, being a hot chick in slutty impractical armor with a big sword kicking ass is MY fantasy. Therefore, Feminist stfu and stop putting your *expletive deleted* on ALL women.
    SihayatheFremen said 48 minutes ago
  • I'm sure you could fairly easily mod "OneChanBara" to be pretty close, lol
    MSDoom said 46 minutes ago
  • OH I have Onechanbara, the characters were cute and all, but the game was boring.
    SihayatheFremen said 45 minutes ago
  • women need things to complain about to live

    men don't give a *expletive deleted*
    lolzzNL said 45 minutes ago
  • that may be but, men make excellent sammiches! I send them to the kitchen often to make me some while I game
    SihayatheFremen said 44 minutes ago
  • then you have a slave
    lolzzNL said 43 minutes ago
  • works for me. Gotta keep the sammiches coming!
    SihayatheFremen said 43 minutes ago
  • Lol yeah, you'd think it'd be a just a tad more entertaining.. but yeah, the game's trash. boo
    MSDoom said 43 minutes ago
  • lol
    Valkyrslayer said 42 minutes ago
  • i got other ppl for sandwiches xD
    lolzzNL said 42 minutes ago
  • @MSDoom well jiggly tits are only interesting for so long. Eventually you need some gameplay to keep you awake.
    SihayatheFremen said 42 minutes ago
  • LOL, i take it DOA hasn't gotten the memo yet
    MSDoom said 40 minutes ago
  • DOA has fighting to keep you awake
    lolzzNL said 40 minutes ago
  • DOA is a good fighting game
    Valkyrslayer said 40 minutes ago
  • They've been using the exact same engine for yeaaaars though :/
    MSDoom said 39 minutes ago
  • at least DOA has some sort of gameplay. I can't judge, cause I've only played the 3DS one, but I liked it well enough. I'm more into Soul Calibur. Can't forget Taki the Ninja with the back problems or Ivy the Alchemist wit the flotation devices on her chest. I always wanted to look like such luck :( I could buy some jubblies but, I'd rather spend the money on games
    SihayatheFremen said 38 minutes ago
  • want some money from me? xD
    lolzzNL said 38 minutes ago
  • @MSDoom Uh...Technically DOA5 did. (Somewhat)
    David_Sizemore said 37 minutes ago
  • I miss Guilty Gear...
    MSDoom said 37 minutes ago
  • meh, at my age I'm content with what I have. I just live vicariously through my sexy modded dark elf in Skyrim.
    SihayatheFremen said 37 minutes ago
  • same engine for years *looks at Call of Duty*
    Valkyrslayer said 36 minutes ago
  • I didn't wanna say anything cause I didn't want to offend anyone, lol.
    MSDoom said 35 minutes ago
  • CoD has a new engine now, and it's fcked up

    and is spending 600 bucks on a cosplay outfit much?
    lolzzNL said 35 minutes ago
    MSDoom said 34 minutes ago
  • @MSDoom offend who about what? the old broad? about tits? for a straight chicky I LOVE me some titties.
    SihayatheFremen said 30 minutes ago
  • @lolzzNL not if its a really good outfit, you like it and can afford it.
    SihayatheFremen said 29 minutes ago
  • Naaaah, about COD, cause I know how hard it's fanboys defend it's "greatness"
    MSDoom said 29 minutes ago
  • okay, i got over 20 different cosplay outfits, 600 was the most expensive, the rest was 300 or 400

    custom made from what i drew
    lolzzNL said 29 minutes ago
  • but yeah, looking back at that I see where you woulda gotten that, lol woops
    MSDoom said 28 minutes ago
  • meh, my daughter plays Blops, but its not my thing. I don't hate though. play what you wanna play and have a good time.
    SihayatheFremen said 26 minutes ago
  • Damn! well if you've got the cash then go for it, or you could buy me some new games, ya know just if you felt like it :P
    MSDoom said 25 minutes ago
  • @lolzzNL Thats very impressive. I wish I could afford costumes, or make them but I have no money or skills.
    SihayatheFremen said 25 minutes ago
  • Yup. I'm ready for some Killzone 4!
    MSDoom said 24 minutes ago
  • most expensive costume I bought was $200, a replica of Christine's outfit from Don Juan Triumphant.

    I do spend obscene amounts on games though
    SihayatheFremen said 24 minutes ago
  • hmm, I got my daughter the Killzone trilogy but she hasnt gotten around to it. My friends keep telling me I should try it but, I don't know, I'm not the twitchy shooter type.
    SihayatheFremen said 22 minutes ago
  • I'd buy that for a dollar!
    JeredInHiding said 22 minutes ago
  • Preachin' to the choir
    MSDoom said 22 minutes ago
  • Back in the day I was top 1k in the world in KZ3. Spent waaaaaaaaay too much time on that one... (coming from the guy who platinumed Demon Souls 3x and Dark Souls...)
    MSDoom said 20 minutes ago
  • I almost broke my TV when i tried Demon's Souls...Much rage. Never touched the game again. I play to relax and have fun, not to be frustrated and angry.
    SihayatheFremen said 19 minutes ago
  • Lol yeah, definitely went through a few controllers...
    MSDoom said 18 minutes ago
  • I went on a hate rant on my blog, felt better and went off to play other stuff that didn't give me apoplectic fits.
    SihayatheFremen said 17 minutes ago
  • Hahaha. But the thrill of victory > the agony of defeat!
    MSDoom said 16 minutes ago

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