Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bioshock Infinite- Part 2

So yesterday was an amazing day..I actually finished a game! Pity it was Bioshock Infinite.
All people care about is "is the game good?" "would you recommend it?"
Ok, yes. I would say yes to both. HOWEVER, I can think of 10 other games I'd rather play than this one.

My dislike of Fitzroy, Comstock and Booker never changed. If anything I despised them all even more, particularly Booker. I wish I could explain why but then I would spoil the shit outta the game for you.

The ending had a great twist but somehow just didn't impact me as much as the original Bioshock's "Would you kindly".
There really isn't anyone or anything in this world to like or cling to.
Yeah the fighting is fun enough ,the scenery is pretty enough, the story is decent enough but that;s just it. Its just enough, sometimes barely that especially when you get behind the reasons WHY characters chose the actions they did.

I'd put the twist in this game on a par with the last episode of The Walking Dead game (the Telltale one, not that other...thing), feels like they wrote themselves into a corner and just threw in the out last second.  It doesn't ring true when you start to really think about it. Too many holes, too many leaps...Instead of making me question human nature and the acts that shape and change us it left me thinking, "do you people understand ANYTHING about human beings?"

Now, you could argue I'm nitpicking fictional leaps in thought in a setting that has magical powers and George Washington robots shoot the fuck out of you. But the thing with fiction is, its always based on reality no matter how many turns it takes. And while you can be given a bit of leeway if you were following the thoughts of say....a dragon, you play as a human being, therefore, regardless of settings, his actions should make sense and they really really don't.

Now you'll say that I'm missing the whole time travel, multiverse shit. but that's just it, its shit. Really shiny tinsel covered shit to make you forget that the story is a bible thumping jaunt through horrible people doing horrible things to other horrible people. You can multiverse til the cows come home and you STILL won't make any of these people likeable or less cartoon villainous.

Still, for all that, I did enjoy the actual gameplay, except I wish that bitch would stop chucking shit at my head all the time. My biggest complaint, besides the fucking sky hook crap is that Vigors don't really mean shit. In Bioshock you used the HELL outta plasmids, they were part of the story, they were the CAUSE of the story really. But here, vigors are kinda just...there. To be honest I quickly fell into a very unexciting routine.. Murder of crows, shoot everyone while flailing about. Oh robot? Shock Jockey and fucking SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I rarely had any need for anything else and if I did use anything else it was more just because that actual need.

Its an odd game. I dislike it for a million reasons I could rant about all day, yet I liked it and I'm hard pressed to tell you why.
Of course, I'd rather play Bioshock Infinite than keep suffering through Gears of War Judgment. (I know I know, in a court of law judgment is spelled correctly but it STILL bugs the fuck outta me.. I NEED that E!)

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