Friday, May 31, 2013

Inquisitor...Fuck that static!

I apologize...this is a repost of something I just wrote on FB. When I started writing it there it was just gonna be a little blurb and instead turned into a full blown rant and..well you guys know this is where I come to rant...

A while back I bought a game on GOG called Inquisitor, I just saw to day that its been greenlit on Steam.
I have to say that while I utterly loathed this game...not because it was hard (which it is) but because it was fucking boring as all get out..I didn't begrudge it the oh I don't remember I think I paid $10 for it. I mean, I've bought shittier games that I will never play, some of them more than once (don't ask me why).

No, the reason I am starting to REALLY regret my purchase is because the developer comes off as a total prick.
You see, I decided to see what people were saying about it on the Greenlight page and right away I saw the dev being kinda snippy.

Then I clicked on one of the "featured discussions" and that's when it got...interesting.

When someone gave reasons why they didn't like it the dev just showed a "good" review of his game.

when someone suggested that the game perhaps needed a bit of balancing the dev turned it around on the person with this remark:
"When dying almost 100 times, couldn't it mean that the player is doing something wrong?"

I think that dying a lot in a game probably does mean you suck...however games have a learning curve and I would think after a while you get further along without dying. If someone is dying 100 times in your game...maybe the game COULD use a little balancing.

I stopped there in the conversation because...well because it was pissing me off and reminded me of my own little run in with an indie dev...
Some of you might remember that if you ever checked out my blog.. Hack Slash Loot. 
The game is god awful and so I called it god awful with many creative words. The dev graced my blog with their presence (anonymously of course) to tell me that I was "butthurt" that I sucked at their game.

I then went on a little fishing trip and found quite a few people that shared my opinion (even if they did do it with classier words and longer reviews)

I'm all for Indie devs getting their shot. I'm all for devs in general putting out their creative vision and I understand not all games are for everyone.
What I am NOT for is devs with condescending and insulting attitudes thinking they deserve an ass-kissing or that you just aren't worthy of their magnificence.

So..Fuck you Inquisitor...right along with HSL.



Matt TheBustedCouch said...

I've never had this issue with any developers, which is kind of weird.

Hack Slash Loot is a perma-death rogue-like, and I didn't mind it. It's not for everyone, that's for sure. At least it's a cheap game.

I'll steer clear of Inquisitor though. The developer on the forums really needs to learn some better people skills.

Sihaya Atreides said...

I don't have a problem with perma-death gamesm I actually wrotr quite a bit about the issue around that time. I DO have a problem with THAT particular game.
I loved the hell outta Cardinals Quest.

Matt TheBustedCouch said...

I'll have to track down the post about Hack, Slash, Loot.