Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm disgusted to be a gamer

That's rather a fucked up statement isn't it?
But, its true.
Right now, at this moment, I'm utterly disgusted at the fact that I'm a gamer.
Care to guess why?
Eh, no need, obviously, I'm going to tell you why.
The thing is, I'm trying to figure out where to start. I don't want to write a novella.
None of what I'm going to say is new. Bitching about it won't change it. But whatever, its my party and I'll bitch if i want to.

What I'm pissed about is female gamers; female gamers and hypocrisy and bullshit.

I wanna start it off by saying something that will probably offend some people (when do I not offend people):  To the guys who call us "sluts with controllers" or make kitchen and sandwich jokes...fuck you, no really, go fuck yourself thoroughly in the ass with a 6 foot splintery pole. I'm sure there's a special place in hell for assholes like you. But, I expect that bullshit from the caveman boys club mentality so I'm not gonna waste anymore time on you.

Bitches is what I wanna talk about.
This is gonna touch on my post from the other day about social media as well.

Because my PC is now tragically deceased, I've had to amuse myself on my phone more often. The other night I was in Instagram and there was a poll of sorts. "Ladies are you a gamer girl or a gamer?" This was accompanied with a bit of text depicting a vacuous "gamer girl" giggling and flirting and a "real" gamer bitching about Rainbow Road.
This isn't a new topic, this isn't a new spin on it.
I commented that I am either/or. I don't care which term is used as long as people are respectful. Other...ladies were a bit less honest and a bit less diplomatic in their replies.
The whole thing was a slew of women replying that they are GAMERS!!!!! because they're REAL and SERIOUS.
Now, I'm not doubting them. Because frankly, I don't really give a tiny rats ass what you play or how often. What DID bother me is that these women accuse anyone that uses the term "gamer girl" as being a fake, shallow attention whore...let me reiterate...this was on INSTAGRAM.

Instagram, land of attention whoring. Why the hell else do people post selfies and their food and their dog and their games and their nails if not to dhow them off and have people "like" them?
There is NOTHING wrong with that. I do it, lots of people I know do it, we like showing off our stuff and having people admire it. That's pretty normal human behavior.
But to be on Instagram calling others attention whores seems ridiculous. Not only that but...(and yes, I checked) most of these women tag their pics with #girlgamer #gamergirl, #gamerchick, #girlsthatgame.
AGAIN, NOTHING wrong with that but, doesn't it make you a bit of a hypocrite to call women who are "gamergirls" shallow attention whores while you are on Instagram and tagging your pics with every variation of "female that plays games"??

I posted a follow up reply to that effect and as expected it was summarily deleted.

24 hours later I'm perusing my Instagram feed which is full of pics of ladies in various states of dress and undress holding games, controllers, plushes or whatever. Showing off their COD stats or their WOW characters. If I see a pic of a girl with a nice collection, or a cool character or whatever, I'll give it a like, its what you do on IG. Especially when you follow places that are all about shoutouts.
But then I come across one where someone comments that someone who only plays 1 game/series isn't really a gamer.
Who exactly made up those rules?
I was in a shit mood so I replied that people define shit differently, if they play a game they are by definition a "gamer" and why does it matter so much to others.

What followed were 2 women who were DETERMINED...on INSTAGRAM...on a FEMALE GAMER SHOUTOUT PAGE to prove that women who only play CoD or who take a pic with a controller are posers and use games as eharmony (that was actually said by one of them).

Lets get one thing clear....I LOATHE Call of Duty. With a PASSION. LOATHE.
I don't like war games.
I find it boring.
I think a 5hr campaign for $60 is ludicrous.
I don't like MP.
I don't really like very many FPS games to begin with.

But what I loathe more than CoD is people who like to insult others for the hell of it. I loathe people who jump on bandwagons, and have a bully/mob mentality. I hate those that make others feel small because they think they are somehow better.
Oh, are you looking at me and every single word I say?
Hypocrisy I guess.
Or maybe, I back myself up with actual facts. Maybe I fight for shit that is actually important. I mean, it impacts my life not at all if Betty Lou and Buffy run around in Assassin's Creed shirts and don't fucking know the difference between Ezio and Altair. Is it a bit irksome, since |I am mildly obsessed with Ezio? Yeah, I guess, in the way that Florida heat is irksome. Its there, its annoying but if I remove myself from it, my life continues uninterrupted.

If, there were only 1 copy of lets say...The Witcher 2 in the world. If this one copy was in front of me for sale and before I could take it in my hand another person, any person, swooped in out of nowhere, grabbed it and bought it because "oh, the person who buys it will be showered with applause when they walk out of the store and be featured in the local paper" and had no intention of ever actually opening the case, much less  playing the game..yeah, I'd be fucking livid. I'd probably curb stomp the asshole and pry the game out of their hand.
But you see..there ISN'T only 1 copy of the game, of any game, and only 1 copy in the world. Therefore, who plays a game and who just holds the box in their hand affects my gameplay not at all.

But, you may argue, Fake Girls ruin it for REAL girls. People don't take us seriously.
Yeah, that sucks, it does. I know, I go through the annoyance of being treated like an imbecile because some guys assume girls don't play games.

Do you REALLY think that has anything to do with an army of fake girls?
If you do, let me be really blunt, you're a moron.

By and large the men who condescend and who assume women don't play games are small minded, sexist and sometimes flat out misogynistic.
Gaming has been a "boys club" traditionally. That mentality is still going strong. Because you see, Gaming is in its infancy compared to other forms of media.
Not so long ago if a woman wanted her novel to be taken seriously she'd have to publish it under a male pseudonym. I'm not talking about the dark ages either. I'm talking a couple centuries ago...So why would you think that gaming would be any different.

The tides are changing, but they change slowly and its frustrating and its aggravating and its disheartening. I understand that. I'm subjected to the same insults and ridicule. Its why I have an almost clinical phobia of online multiplayer.

But baring your claws at other women isn't going to change anything, at least not for the better.
What it actually does is give these closed minded people something to point at and go "yeah, THIS".
If we spend our time insulting ourselves, trying to unmask the fake and prove how real we are. If we aren't willing to give the benefit of the doubt...why the fuck should the gaming industry? Why should the male gamers that have cherished their toys so long?

Real, Fake, Hardcore, Casual, Gamergirl, Gamer...I'm still gonna spend every dime I can on games and I'm still gonna play and rage and laugh and cry. What I'm not going to do is take time out from MY gaming to go on a crusade to unmask the "fakes" to make myself look "real"

Bitches be trippin'
don't be a bitch.


Matt TheBustedCouch said...

It's unfortunate that there are people out there that like to belittle others, but they are just insecure.

I work at a game store. I treat anyone buying a game as if they are buying the game for themselves, regardless of sex or age. Unless they state otherwise, that is the assumption. Everyone is welcome to buy and play games.

Gaming is gaming. Anyone that plays a game or multiple games on a regular basis is a gamer. It's a pastime. People need to get over these stupid labels, and stop being idiots.

Gaming is meant to be fun, and who is anyone to judge someone for wanting to enjoy something? Or taking pictures with a game? Sure, there are fake people out there, but that's not exclusive to gaming.

The world is filled with ignorant, immature, insecure, and intolerant people that are just out to make themselves feel better by picking on others. Don't be angry at them, be sad for them.

Enjoy gaming. It's fun. Be happy you are the gamer that you are, and not one of those sad sacks you are talking about. Set the example.

Sihaya Atreides said...

I'm not much of an example setter....and angry i kinda my "thing" But thanks for the advice.

Matt TheBustedCouch said...

Also, we talked a little on Kotaku back in the day. I have the neverending gaming blog, and my name was SoulChaser on Kotaku.

Sihaya Atreides said...

Yep I know. I remember. I get emails from your blog.

Matt TheBustedCouch said...

Cool :) Well, I've been enjoying your posts.

Sihaya Atreides said...

Thank you.. Though I think most of them are more like incoherent crazy rants lol

Matt TheBustedCouch said...

It's the internet. What else is there? :P