Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side....Well this is awkward...

So I decided to play Sweet Fuse.
Y'all have probably never heard of it so I'll give you a brief summary.
Its an Otome game, which means its a visual novel geared towards women, like Hakuoki.
You are the female protagonist and through the course of the story based on your choices you will win the heart of one of the male leads.
Like Hakouki, its actually got a pretty interesting if odd story and if you can get past the "reverse harem" situation I think its a game anyone can enjoy. Though its certainly not as..deep as Hakuoki.

I'm not going to go into details on the off chance someone might want to play this for themselves but I'll give you the basic premise along wit the one tiny thing that dampens my enjoyment of the game...

the premise is...quirky. You are Saki Inafune, the niece of game creator Keiji Inafune. Your uncle has decided to open a theme park based on his video games (this is an awesome idea, why has no one done this?! I demand a gaming theme park dammit!!!)

On opening day during the opening ceremonies some guy? dressed as a pig blows up the ferris wheel and takes your uncle and the other suits hostage. He explains that he's gonna blow up the damn park. But to make it fun and interesting he will choose 7 people to participate in a game he's devised.
The game is as follows:

There are 7 bombs in 7 attractions throughout the park. Every day for 7 days the 7 chosen people will have to go into one of these attractions and will have 7 hours to figure out the puzzles inside. If they do not figure it out in 7 hours the bomb in that attraction will go off, killing them. If they do solve it then thats a wrap for the day and the next day they will do it all again in  new attraction.

Saki volunteers to be part of the game in order to try and save her uncle and is brought together with 6 guys of varying degrees of hotness and sterotypes.

Last night I managed to get through 1 romance route, that of a fortune teller named Urabe and that's where things get weird for me.
The guys ages range from 17-32...and honestly, for once in a game of this art style, they look it.
My choice, Urabe is 26.
Saki's age is given as 18 but...yeah, i don't buy it. She looks 14...maybe 16 at most. (the bowl haircut isn't helping at all)
If you're familiar with these types of games , they're pretty tame and the big "payoff" is usually a kiss...So...picture a guy who looks mid to late 20s kissing a girl that looks 14...its a bit...squiggy
Its so eww that another character on finding out there was something going between the MC and Urabe got pretty upset and mentioned the inappropriateness of them even kissing, much less anything else.
And yet, there's a guy even older than him as one of the romance options. (the oldest character as i mentioned earlier is 32)

Had they made the main character a bit older...or even just...I don't know...made her look less like a 12yr old, it would have made the game much more enjoyable. But, I'm in it now so I'm gonna go feel like an icky perv and romance that old guy!

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